While the railway stations in the metropolitan area are under heavy congestion and admission is restricted, they can not even enter the home

Due to the planned blackouts, the schedule of operation is greatly disruptedAlthough there is a possibility that it is impossible to return home even if you can go to work, even if the train is moving in the first place, even if it is not in the home, it is becoming a pretty tough situation, It has become clear from the photos uploaded from the site one after another.

Pictures from the site are as follows.
This is the queue waiting for Keikyu. On Twitpic

Meguro Station, heavily crowded! On Twitpic

Misato of Mitaka Station. People are overflowing to stationary roundabout orz on Twitpic

Ogikubo Station entry restriction on on Twitpic

I am lined up to enter the station. On Twitpic

Keiji Azaigaoka station is full. On Twitpic

Kichijoji . . On Twitpic

Saginuma Station. Everyone is dark. No sign of movement at all. On Twitpic

Although I came to Keio Hachioji, there was a row to the outside of the station due to the heavy traffic at the station. Admission restriction (two rows) on Twitpic

Is it possible to ride by the blackout Tama center station. On Twitpic

I can not get on the center line. I could not get on the bus at the hotel 44 in full. Do not put in the ticket gate of JR Kichijoji station. Let's go slowly and slowly. On Twitpic

Ashihara park station can not stay home. The probability of becoming a bargain by saying "There are times when you can not come to sleep" is higher. On Twitpic

Current image of Kichijoji station. JR is impossible. On Twitpic

Kichijoji station is like this. On Twitpic

The train is in motion, but I can not go home because of the crowd. The state of the station is like this. On Twitpic

A row waiting for ticket examination is one thing @ Central Line Nishi Kokubunji Station on Twitpic

Shakujii Park Station not on Twitpic

JR Mitaka Station on Twitpic

The Kichijoji station North entrance was supposed to be more hurt. No, this is on Twitpic

The Keio Line Hashimoto station regulates admission, the waiting queue is full of south exit north entrance. On Twitpic

Good morning. It is a train station in the Denento line, Setagaya Ward. There is a regulation on entry into the ticket gate. The direction of Shibuya is a pattern of heavy congestion both in home and on train (^ ^; on Twitpic

Shinagawa station Keikyu is crowded (haha) Because it can not be used as a contact port, the Keikyu ticket gate from outside is on this regulation hanging on (^ ω ^) on Twitpic

Kokubunji Station. JR entrance regulation on Twitpic

Picture on Yokohama station on Twitpic

It is the Yotsuya station of the nearest station. People are overflowing until the ticket gate. "An electric train comes but I can not ride" announcement. Why do not you on Twitpic

Tama Plaza Station is hundreds of rows due to entry restrictions on the premises. Besides, the train stops like a sudden sick person. The train that came is also full. I will take a ride! It is! It is! On Twitpic

Restricted by JR Koenji Station ticket gate on Twitpic

Chiyoda Line, Kitasenju Station. Matrix outside the ticket gate. Admission control. Is it an influence of bank holidays such as JR and subway trimming operation? Well, when can I get on the train? On Twitpic

Musashi Koganei Station North Exit, Part 1 on Twitpic

Asukusa Line Oshigami Station, customers can not pass a ticket gate on Twitpic

Chofu station also sweats (sweat) even when people are 50 meters away from the station on Twitpic

It is a state of Mitaka Station North Exit. Under the police officers, all the elevators are blocked. The central line is one train service every 30 minutes, and a long row of the town is built up to the shopping area ... ... On Twitpic

Kamiooka station which is confused. The number of people is still increasing. On Twitpic

A wonderful row ... the last tail is far away from the station. And it is a mystery when train departs. . The Seibu Ikebukuro Line is the first trainer of Nerima Takano, so it seems that everyone is gathering here. When will it be possible to ride .... . On Twitpic

Kichijoji Station station right now before ticketing on Twitpic

Keisei Ichikawa Masumi Station, Punk rock on Twitpic

JR standby column in front of Kichijoji station bus stop on Twitpic

All the Keio line is confused by the power reduction. The image is the Chitose Osan station of the nearest station. People are overflowing outside of the home and are in great confusion. On Twitpic

Shooting at Meguro Station. The direction of Tokyo of the Yamanote line is converted to hell. . . On Twitpic

Meguro station people too much (lol) something fun (lol) on Twitpic

3/14 8: 30 There is regulation restriction @ JR Nishi Ogikubo Station on Twitpic

JR arrives at Meguro station, a big mess ... JR is obliged to stop closing the Tokyu contact opening. To close the Tokyu contact opening was to cross the intersection where there is a signal that stops at the planned blackout on the ground. This JR 's bad head, hard to rescue ¯ - ¯ ¯ on Twitpic

Musashi Urawa Station, we can not pass through the ticket gate due to heavy congestion. On Twitpic

I can not see the end of the queue to enter the station. On Twitpic

JR Asagaya is like this, I go to Tokyo Metro South Asagaya. On Twitpic

I forgot the photo. It is Keio Line Chofu Station. Shinjuku direction is regulated by admission because of home congestion. On Twitpic

Metropolitan Shinjuku Line Honhachihan Station Ticket gate. It seems that entry restrictions are being applied. . . Chaos state on Twitpic

Many stations seem to have difficulty entering the premises due to the entry into the central line and the station. Musashi Koganei is getting much bigger than when traffic lights break down. It is growing acclaim. On Twitpic

It is the state of Keikyu Tsurumi station around 08:25 on March 14, 2011. It is overflowing with about 10,000 people by eye observation. On Twitpic

【Everyone of the Seibu Ikebukuro Line】 It seems that Nerima Takano-dai station is making a queue. It is better to shift commuting time if you do not have a power outage. On Twitpic

The queue at Yokohama station Keihin Kyuko Electric Railway exits the east-west corridor to the Sotetsu Joinus where it returns to the diamond underground shopping area and gets messy. There are a lot of people not in line. Simple calculations and 10,000 people are lining up. I am clamoringly announcing that I do not know how long it will take. On Twitpic

It is a sight that Yokohama station has never seen. There seems to be several kilometers in rows before getting on the Keikyu Line. On Twitpic

Keikyu Tsurumi station, do you decide to self-judge that it is not impossible level or on Twitpic

Tozai line Nishikasai Station entry impossible like on Twitpic

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