NTT DoCoMo will release SIM lock on all models, SIM card which can use other company's terminal can also be provided

NTT DoCoMo officially announced that it will begin releasing the SIM lock which NTT DoCoMo had previously announced.

In addition, it is also announced that only SIM cards will be offered to enable NTT docomo services to be used by other company's SIM unlock terminal.

Details on the cancellation fee and packet charges when using a third party terminal are as follows.
Press release: Start of SIM unlocking | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

According to NTT Docomo's press release, the company has a function to release the SIM lock which makes it available only to NTT DoCoMo for newly released terminals since Friday, April 1, 2011, It seems to accept applications for SIM lock release.

3150 yen is required to release SIM lock, and even after being released various discount services such as "Fami-wari MAX 50" and "Hitoridemo Discount 50" can be used continuously. However, when the user cancels the NTT DoCoMo line contract, it is necessary to pay a predetermined cancellation fee as usual, and the application of monthly support will be suspended.

In addition, it is decided that "docomo mini UIM card" compatible with SIM card and microSIM card standard will be issued for users who want to insert NTT docomo's SIM card into another company's SIM unlock terminal. Issuance of SIM card is free when NTT DoCoMo line contract is done at the same time, but 3150 yen is required as a contract administrative commission separately from issuance fee.

By the way, the same fee system as NTT Docomo's terminal is applied, such as rate plan and discount service when using other company's terminal. However, with regard to the packet discount service, the packet flat rate plan "PAKE HOODY FLAT (monthly charge: 5460 yen)" etc. is applied to the case where the corresponding terminal is not tethering and the specified access point is set, and the packet of the other terminal Maximum usage fee is 10,355 yen.

When contracting with the "flat rate data plan" for communication cards, regardless of whether or not tethering can be handled, it is said that "fixed rate data standard rate (monthly amount of 5460 yen)" etc. will be applied if the specified access point is set.

NTT DoCoMo, the biggest domestic player, takes the initiative and is a SIM lock release,Softbank Mobile 's President Son Masayoshi commented on Twitter "unlocking, terminal price will be raised by 40,000 yen"Is it possible that such a situation can happen?

Twitter / Masayoshi Son: Unlocking, terminal price will be raised by 40,000 yen. When forced ...

And as NTT DoCoMo basically unlocked the SIM lock on all models, attention is focused on whether SOFTBANK MOBILE accepts SIM unlock release of the terminal sold by its own company including iPhone and iPad ...... However, it is a concern about future trends.

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