'Combustion system' food effective on stomach fat

Even if it is not overweight, is not it that there are many people who have come to be bothered by the age as they go around? I do not want to endure delicious things, I do not want to exercise tight, but somehow I am worried about being around 10 people recommended food.

None of them seems to be able to expect immediate effect, but it may be good to remember with a feeling of the extent that tummy may dent somehow when consciously actively taking in intake.

Details are as below.Top 10 Foods That Burn Your Fat


Yogurt which is rich in calcium and lactic acid bacteria and is known as a health food.University of TennesseeAccording to the experiment done at the time, it seems that there is an effect also on weight loss around you.


Included in green tea, black tea, oolong tea etc.CatechinPolyphenols such as polyphenols are said to promote mild heat generation and also have the effect of reducing the desire for carbohydrates. By drinking 2 to 4 teas per day and drinking tea before exercise you can increase metabolism and promote fat burning.

Lean fish

Lean fish such as tuna and bonito are rich in various nutrients indispensable for those who try to reduce abdominal fat, such as protein which takes time to digest and calcium which lowers the concentration of hungry hormones and relieves stress It contains.

Monounsaturated fatty acid

Monounsaturated fatty acids abundantly contained in olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.LDL(So-called "bad cholesterol")HDL("Good cholesterol") is said to have an effect to increase, in the long term it seems not only to accumulate fat in the abdomen, but also to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Dietary fiber abundant oatmeal is a food that can get a feeling of fullness, and if you eat oatmeal for breakfast it will lead to a reduction in the meal amount on that day, such as not requiring snack until noon. It may not be familiar to warm porridge in Japan in Japan, but the same effect can be expected even with serial rich in dietary fiber.


Vitamin C andPectinIs rich in grapefruit is said to have the effect of lowering cholesterol lowering and stabilizing blood glucose by controlling insulin secretion and preventing body fat accumulation. Pink grapefruit contains red carotenoidLycopeneIt also contains antioxidant effects as well. However,Oral contraceptiveYaBenzodiazepine seriesAnxiolytic,ViagraYaMedication for hypertensionSuchIt affects the effectiveness of various medicinesTherefore, it may be better for a person with regular medication to investigate once.


It is rich in melonpotassiumIn the bodysodiumAdjusting the concentration, it has the effect of preventing so-called "swelling". Melon is likely to have an image that seems to be "nutritious" in some fruits (melons are horticulturally "vegetables", nutritionally "fruits"),Folic acid,Carotene(Especially melon with flesh red), so you can expect satiety with dietary fiber, so it seems good for desserts and treats for people during diet.


Recent studies have revealed that people who drink a glass of wine a day do not have any waist at all compared with those who do not drink (average waist circumference is small). Especially the red wine seems to be good.

Whole-grain bread

University of PennsylvaniaIn an experiment conducted atunit(1 unit is about 1 cup if whole grain cereal cereal) staple foodWhole grainThe person taking it seems that 24% of the abdominal fat decrease was seen compared with those who eat white bread and pasta even though they have the same caloric intake. People in the rice party may expect the same effect when trying to make rice as brown rice.


For fatty acids contained in walnutsCortisolResearch has indicated that it has the effect of lowering the concentration of stress hormone such as. Cortisol is a hormone that controls the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, but excessive secretion seems to raise blood pressure and blood glucose levels and lead to weight gain.

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