LimeWire reconciled with the Association of Music Publishers of the United States, and on 2 May it also confronts 13 more companies


"LimeWireSpeaking of Speaking Software, it is a free software that allows users to share files with each other using the Gnutella P2P protocol. Complex setup such as initial node setting is unnecessary, and file sharing can be carried out by a relatively simple operation. Apart from the free LimeWire BASIC, there was a paid version called LimeWire PRO with functions such as being able to download faster, which was sold for 21.95 dollars.

LimeWireLLC, the developer of this LimeWire, said that a settlement had been settled on March 8 regarding the case where copyright infringement was filed by the National Music Publishers Association in June last year.

Details are as below.Lime Wire, music publishers settle copyright case | Reuters

LimeWire Settles Copyright Infringement Case

The publisher association that more than 30 companies including EMI group and Sony participated in sued LimeWire LLC on suspicion of copyright infringement last June, but on March 8 this year, LimeWire LLC and National Music Publishing A settlement was concluded with the Society and it seems that all claims brought against LimeWire LLC and its chief executive Mark Gorton have been withdrawn.

So far, LimeWire LLC has not commented on the settlement and details of the terms of settlement are not disclosed, but the music publisher is satisfied with the result of this time, "The fact that this lawsuit was settled I made the utmost effort to achieve the best results for every part concerned. "

Furthermore, LimeWire LLC plans to fight in court on May 2 on lawsuits from 13 record companies including Warner Bros. Prior to the lawsuit with the National Music Publishers Association, the dispute between LimeWire LLC and a record author organization has been ongoing since 2006, and in addition to claims for damages, we contract a record model for sharing songs with record companies in the future It was required to change to a form.

The official page of LimeWire is currently closed as shown below. You can see a copy of the distribution injunction order in PDF.

Official LimeWire Website - Lime Wire

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