Valuable testimonies that the old jobs Jobs saved Apple's plight has not been made public

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Apple has protected all the songs of the iTune Store with digital rights management (DRM) beforehand, and it was a time when it was not possible to play it on devices other than iPod, which I regarded as an illegal market operationFree Software FoundationOf $ 350 million (about 41,730 million yen)Litigation seeking compensation for damageI was waking up.

In the trial, Jobs' interview footage of about 27 minutes that Apple submitted as evidence was decisive, allowing Apple plaintiff to reject Apple pledge. Three major US media companies have offered Mr. Jobs' public prosecution movie publicly, but this time around the valuable interview picture of Jobs used in the trial, the complaint seems to have been dismissed.

Steve Jobs video in iPod lawsuit to stay under wraps, judge rules - CNET

It was about ten years ago that the Free Software Foundation promoting free software campaign filed suit against Apple. From 2006 to 2009 iTunes Store songs are subject to DRM restrictions, you can not play purchased songs on a device other than iPod, or updating iPod or iTunes will erase songs that were supposed to be downloaded A phenomenon occurred. The Free Software Foundation complained Apple as "Apple enclosed users with DRM, illegally conduct market operations, and even deleted songs from the library without user's permission."

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The Free Software Foundation, representing the plaintiffs of 8 million consumers who purchased iPods from 2006 to 2009, tried damages compensation of 350 million dollars (about 41.7 billion yen) at trial and if Apple's If the act was recognized as a violation of the Antitrust Law, there was a possibility that the amount of compensation could be tripled. In a trial, Apple argued that it did not damage consumers, and in the trial conducted on December 5, 2014, Apple will submit the video that former CEO Jobs left behind in his life as a testimony.

In the submitted video, Mr. Jobs said "Since there are a lot of hackers trying to steal songs by breaking through the iTunes system, it was necessary to update the software and strengthen security" The problem of being unable to play the songs purchased with the device of Witness testified as extraordinary damage to strengthen security.

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Mr. Jobs' testimony was approved at the trial and Apple won. Plaintiffs showed their intention to appeal, but once Apple got ridiculed.

The video submitted at trial was recorded before months before Jobs passed away, one of the few images that Jobs before life is answering to the interview. I recorded the contents of the video(PDF file)The document is published on the webHowever, the video itself was not made available outside the trial. The three major companies in the United States, CNN, Bloomberg and Associated Press, requested to obtain a video of Jobs' testimony left for the reason of the public interest in the trial and distribute it on the Internet, release the video I requested.

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Job judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who was in charge of a trial on Apple's iPod, said, "We do not recognize the video as a trial record and make it public It is not necessary "and rejected the media's request.

It is true that Jobs' images are valuable not only for media but also for Apple fans, and it is true that there are people who desire to be released, but it seems that Jobs appearing in the video apparently got sick in a sick, It is far from the time to talk proudly in the presentation and it is not the appearance of Jobs that is expected. The three major media companies that requested the publication of the video clarified that they appealed the judgment of the court and appealed, and there is a possibility that the judgment will be overturned publicly, and it is concerned about the future development It is place.

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