"Mobile WiMAX" with downlink maximum of 40 Mbps, this time campaign available with real monthly real price of 2525 yen appeared

High speed with maximum downlink 40 Mbps and uplink maximum 10 Mbps,Large capacity that does not impose band restrictions like other companiesHigh-speed communication service combining "UQ WiMAXCampaign that can use the line of 2525 yen a month as a line appeared.

UQ WiMAX offers its own price plan of 3880 yen per month, though not as much as the campaign for 2418 yen per month that appeared in January "UQ Flat Annual Passport"In addition to being available at a lower price,Mobile WiMAX router driven by up to 8 hours "Aterm WM 3500 R"Will also be available for free in real terms, you will be able to suppress packet charges for smartphones and laptop computers.

Details are as below.
So-net Mobile WiMAX 【Mobile WiFi Router】 WM3500R (SO) | Provider (WiMAX / 3G data communication) comparison - Price .com

According to a major price comparison site "price.com", the Sony-affiliated provider "So-net" provides the mobile WiMAX service "So-net Mobile" which is provided as a MVNO (Virtual Mobile Business Operator) utilizing the UQ WiMAX line WiMAX "to" users who signed up via "price.com", campaigns that can be used for a monthly actual monthly charge of ¥ 2525 will be deployed until March 31.

Campaign details. Discounts when applying directly via So-net (Price: 2835 yen, usage fee of 5160 yen in use start month, monthly fee of 2 to 12 months 6710 yen, 2 to 12 month month In addition to the total of ¥ 22,955 for equipment rental fee ¥ 8250, cash ¥ 15,000 will be cashed back and the total discount will be ¥ 34,455.

Originally the monthly payment fee is 5160 yen, but the opening month is free by applying the limited-time campaign. And since monthly monthly charges of 610 yen and equipment rental fee of 750 yen are discounted for 2 to 12 months, the monthly payment amount is 3800 yen, and if you use it for another year, 15 thousand yen will be cashed back and the real monthly amount The charge will be 2525 yen.

Mobile WiMAX capable terminals provided as rental will be Mobile WiMAX router "Aterm WM 3500 R" which is driven for up to 8 hours.

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