Campaign that you can use "Mobile WiMAX" cheaply every month, May 2761 per month

A campaign has been developed that can cheaply use the high-speed communication service "Mobile WiMAX" with a downward transmission rate of up to 40 Mbps and upload up to 10 Mbps at almost the monthly pace this year, but this month it became clear that this month can be used at 2761 yen per month It was.

We launched a price of 2140 yen per month, the lowest record everHowever, unlike the campaign in April which made it difficult to say that it was less profitable, such as the problem that the use period of two years was set and the battery-driven time of the corresponding terminal was short, it became a well-balanced content It is.

Details are as below.
So-net Mobile WiMAX 【Mobile WiFi Router】 Aterm WM3500R (SO) Rental plan | Provider (WiMAX / 3G data communication) comparison - Price .com

According to a major price comparison site "", a Sony-affiliated provider "So-net" provides a mobile WiMAX service "So-net Mobile" (MOBOO) that is offered as a MVNO (Virtual Mobile Business Operator) using UQ WiMAX line WiMAX "for users who signed up via" Price .com ", the campaign that can be used for monthly real monthly amount of 2761 yen has been deployed until the end of May.

Details of discount campaign. If you subscribe via '', you will receive a discount on applying directly with So-net (5160 yen for monthly usage fee, 6710 yen monthly fee for 2nd to 12th month, equipment rental fee for 2nd to 12th month In addition to 22,555 yen total of 8250 yen), cash 15,100 yen is cashed back and the total discount amount is 30,620 yen.

Originally the monthly payment fee is 5160 yen. However, in addition to opening monthly free by applying the limited-time campaign, the monthly monthly payment is 3800 yen, with monthly monthly monthly charges of 610 yen and equipment rental fee of 750 yen discounted. If you use it for a further year, 11,500 yen will be cashed back, so the real monthly fee at the time of one year use will be 2761 yen.

By the way, the compatible device is a built-in battery that can drive up to 8 hours Mobile WiMAX router "Aterm WM 3500 R". Considering that "Uroad - 7000SS" which was driven for up to 3.5 hours in the campaign expanded in April was a compatible terminal, is not it a good campaign for those who want to emphasize both low price and practicality .

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