"Pocket WiFi (D25 HW)" high capacity battery appeared, it was possible to extend the driving time greatly

A large-capacity battery that can significantly extend the driving time to eMobile's "Pocket WiFi (D25 HW)" which became the fire of the recent "Mobile Wi-Fi router" boom was released It became clear that it was.

It also said that a campaign will be held in which a large capacity battery will be gifted altogether.

Details are as below.
Notice | Pocket WiFi (D25HW) dedicated large capacity battery pack released after May 2011 From 3/4, Pocket WiFi (D25HW) large volume battery pack present campaign for subscribers is implemented | EMOBILE Ltd. | Company information

According to eMobile's press release, it seems that we will release a new dedicated high capacity battery pack as an option of "Pocket WiFi (D25 HW)". The release schedule is scheduled for May 2011 or later, the price is 4200 yen.

I installed a large capacity battery. In addition, the battery capacity is 2500 mAh which is much higher than the conventional 1500 mAh, and the driving time is from 4 hours maximum to 7 hours maximum.

The left is when the large capacity battery is installed and the right is the normal battery installed. The thickness is about 48.6 mm × 95.5 mm × 21 mm.

Also, between March 4 (Fri) and March 31 (Thursday) 2011, users who newly contracted or changed models of "Pocket WiFi" with "Basic", "S n" S "Nen M" "Pocket WiFi (D25HW) large capacity battery pack gift campaign" will be implemented, targeted for large capacity battery packs.

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