We have eaten the 10th anniversary of the USJ opening "Tower parfait" with special cream

"Tower parfait" appeared as a menu commemorating the 10th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan 's opening, we have eaten immediately.

Although it is a "Tower parfait" which is reminiscent of a tower made of fresh cream, although it also says its size, why the cream is upright like this, there is something in the cream It is almost certain but I tried eating it while feeling uneasy.

Therefore, the state of the tower parfait food preparation is as follows.Universal Studios Japan (R) 10th anniversary commemoration site

"Tower parfait" is selling in the restaurant "Mers Drive in" located near the center of the park.

Tower parfait arrived in the seat in about 3 minutes from the order. It is a shape suitable for calling just as a tower.

On the top are cream puff and strawberry sauce.

The white part is fresh cream.

Marshmallows and cream puffs are arranged in the surroundings.

Sponge cake on the lower side.

Walnut ice under the sponge cake.

On the foundation, a quinine amman-like sponge sandwiches custard cream.

And on the plate are strawberry and blueberry fruits and sauces.

I will have a top cream puff. Ice cream is contained in it.

Fresh cream that pierce the sky feels a bit strange.

Next is Marshmallow. Because sweetness is strong, acidity of plenty of berry sauce matches better.

When I tried to eat cream of the top of the zenith, something that was the core from inside showed my face. I thought whether it was a moment to try it, but I did not know the identity but decided to capture the foundation first.

Walnut ice cream has a strong taste of walnut and sweetness is modest.

The base sponge is a moist texture. Custard cream has a firm aroma of vanilla beans and strong sweetness. It is contents that make it feel quite voluminous as it is only the base part.

Sponge cake is modestly sweet. It is recommended to eat with fresh cream and sauce.

The fruit of the berry is boiled in the shrimps, the sweetness and sourness are moderate. It is indispensable to capture a large amount of fresh cream.

As we gathered the foundation, the lower part of the core was visible at the center. This is definitely a cookie part of Pocky.

I finished eating all of cream puff and marshmallows.

When I go forward with eating the foundation, the core finally tilted.

Strawberry Pocky with fresh cream removed.

It is unbelievable Pocky that breaks as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the meal. Although it is not so big as it looks, the fresh cream is more easily gathered in the stomach than ice cream, and the overall sweetness is also considerably intense, so you should not worry about eating with two people as well.

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