"Wh Whif (Le · Wif)" which will let you experience new ways of enjoying food "sucking food" like smoking cigarettes

It will make us an unlikely experience of sucking powdered chocolate and coffee converted into a flavor powder of about 80 to 300 microns size which does not enter the lungs.Le Whif"is. There is only 1 calorie or less calories in one Le Whif, using organic chocolate. In the case of coffee, caffeine of the same amount as that of an espresso is actually included, and it is finished in a quirky substitute.

Originally this was developed by Brian Edwards who is a professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University and Thierry Marx who is Michelin French chef with the concept of "New way to enjoy food".

so,"FOODEX JAPAN 2011The actual report that appeared in the following is from the following.
LEWHIF | Why do not you take a break with chocolate?

This is "Le Whif"

Brown is normal chocolate, light blue is mint chocolate, pink color is raspberry chocolate, something a little golden is coffee.

The real thing looks like this

How to use this way, take it horizontally and pull out until it clicks, suck on the long end and breathe in lightly, the mechanism that the flavor powder spreads all over the mouth.

I will suck in this way.

In terms of image, it sucks in a situation like this in such a situation ... ...

The amount absorbed at one time is optimized, and it is the point that it is an appropriate amount that does not cough. Moreover, it is not big enough to enter the lungs. The amount in one bottle is about 300 mg, and it is sucked in by about 40 milligrams by one inhalation, so if you smoke about seven times it will run out.

A package of chocolate flavors looks like this

This is three different flavors than coffee

When it comes out from inside it is like this

When selling at the shop front like this

Somehow like stationery

Of overseasHead Office Official SiteSo those of the type sucking vitamins are also on sale,This pageAccording to the price, the price is 1.80 euros (about 204 yen) in one, 3.99 euros in three (about 566 yen, about 188 yen per one), 18 in 24 euro (about 2725 yen, about 151 It has become yen).

As another idea, by sucking a nutritional drink like Red Bull "If you suck it up!It seems to be thinking something somehow called 'something like that, and it is a premonition that it is likely to expand in various ways in the future as well.

Some of the background to developmentRead hereAnd it is easy to understand.

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