"True · Mikuni Musou 6" chocolate which reproduced illustration by laser as if it drew directly on the surface

In last year's FOODEX JAPAN 2010 I was showing off the original chocolate that drew a precise pattern on chocolate with a laser "ChocolatThis year'sFOODEX JAPAN 2011We also exhibited. Last year I was exhibiting logos and symbols printed chocolate, but this time I was exhibiting chocolate which I drew King 's Princess of "True · Mikuni Musou 6" with tremendous degree of reproducibility mainly because I was thinking I've taken a picture of it.

It makes a finish like a monochrome picture by making fine irregularities on the surface of chocolate with a laser to draw a pattern, but its reproducibility is overwhelming as compared with the original illustration. It is as finished as if Illustrator drew a picture directly to chocolate. It seems that "True · Sangoku Musou 6" is produced and exhibited on permission of Koei Tecmo Games, so it is finished to be officially recognized.

The excellence of Mikuni Musou chocolate and the order status from unexpected place are from the following.Made by order, original chocolate with illustrations, letters, photos, portrait, Chocolat site

On Chocolat's booth, chocolate drawing various illustrations and logos with laser was displayed.

The truth settled in the middle of the booth was "True · Mikuni Musou 6" chocolate which magnificently represented delicate patterns by laser cutting.

Illustration based on this.

"This drawing data is based on the offer of Koee Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.", so it is the thing that we officially contacted and obtained permission.

It seems that it became possible to make a finish with a more three-dimensional feeling than before, because we changed the setting of the machine to make use of accumulated know-how in a lot of requests received.

You can see that fine lines are skillfully shading. Due to the possibility of precise expression so far, there are quite a lot of requests from professional illustrators that I want my illustrations carved into chocolate. But this is a perfection that seems to hesitate for a moment to eat.

Change, this is the publisher'sDiscover25th anniversary commemoration chocolate.

Also a box with a logo is attentive.

DensoEven seems to have made chocolate. The logo is also freely included, and since it uses the same thing as the chocolate which Godiva etc. uses as a raw material and the taste is certain, it may be perfect for a small souvenir prepared at the company etc.

There was no machine in the booth this time, and I was shedding a drawing scene with video. The picture is finished slowly.

The delivery date is normally within 2 weeks after completion of the ordering process, and the ordered quantity is not specially set up except for special time. If it is a small size chocolate it costs 500 yen per case with a case. Because you can draw your favorite picture in chocolate with the price adding data setting fee 1000 yen × the number of symbols to the unit price, perhaps the person you care may try once.

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