I can understand well that "Tofu (Tofu)" is recognized as a healthy diet in Europe and America


It is a picture familiar to Japanese supermarkets that is familiar foods that explains the merits of Tofu (Tofu), which has been adopted as health food overseas, for people in Europe and the United States.

Again the fat is small compared to the meat, and it seems that it is the most charming that there is a response to eating. In addition, the type of tofu is a bit different from that of Japan, and the cooking methods cited as examples are all those that reflect the country.

The figure which may somehow handle the treatment of tofu in Europe and the United States is as follows.What the Hell is Tofu? [Infographic]

Here we compare beef · pork VS tofu with the composition of fat included. Four ounces (113 grams) of ground pork contains 24 grams of fat, of which 9 grams (36% of the recommended daily fat intake) is saturated fatty acids.Saturated fatty acidAlthough it is necessary for the body, taking too much will promote the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, raising blood cholesterol level. The same amount of ground beef contains 17 grams of fat, of which 7 grams (27% of recommended daily intake) is saturated fatty acid.

In contrast, the same amount of tofu contains only 6 grams of fat as a whole, and only 9% of the amount of fat that can be consumed per day contains fat. In addition, since saturated fatty acids are not included at all, it is no doubt that it is a so-called "low calorie" food.

The most misunderstood in the image where tofu is held is that it is very soft and difficult to handle. However, it says that tofu is a food material that matches any seasoning and can be applied to various dishes.

It is said that the origins of tofu were found evidence that cooked tofu in China in 25 to 220 years after AD, but there are various theories about roots,The theory that already the invention of Hin Jinan Wang Liuan invented BC.Although it is considered to be influential, literature which becomes definitive proof has not been found.

Today, the production of soybeans in the United States seems to be sluggish for anything else, except for the top corn in the U.S. Also,FDAAs an effect that is approved for, it is possible that taking 25 grams of soybean protein per day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

From germination of soybeans to harvesting and processing, carefully written how to make tofu is written. However, it seems that the process of grinding soybeans using stone mills is mechanized in modern times ... ...

The type of commercially available tofu is classified roughly into three categories depending on hardness. What is written at the top is "Super firm tofu" "Extra firm tofu" that is most suitable for things that are hardest. Below that is "soft tofu" "Firm tofu" suitable for dip of vegetables and softer than that. And it has the most moisture content, which is good for smoothie "Silken tofu". "Silkish tofu" in Japan is the name translated as it is, "cotton tofu" seems to have hard type and soft type.

Some 20 kinds of amino acids necessary for making human body can not be produced in the body, they are called "essential amino acids" and need to be taken from the outside with food etc. SoybeansIt meets the necessary amount of all essential amino acidsAs it is a food, you can eat amino acids easily in balanced eating tofu.

In Japan, it is tofu which is often used for cold and hot bean curd, soup ingredients etc, but the recipe introduced here is a cooking method reflecting nationality like taste and tacos. Since it is only a slightly different approach from cooking methods commonly used in Japan, it seems that variations of daily menu will be expanded as a reference.

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