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KDDI today,Announcement concerning "Keitai update" of "IS03" and "IS01"We did. This is to improve the case where battery consumption is accelerated in a specific operation, the sleep mode does not operate properly, the screen does not disappear, and so on.

"IS03" update is done from today, the time required is up to 60 minutes, "IS01" is scheduled to be updated from March 1, and the required time is up to 92 minutes.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Disney Princess who pushed adult's sex appeal to the front - GIGAZINE

Experiment 7 possible pattern at home for home mad scientist - GIGAZINE

Sony Apply Patent for Universal Controller Can be Used in Any Game Machine - GIGAZINE
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Oh, it seems to be awakened to something that I thought doll was cute for the first time: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

I specified m9 (`· ω · ') (' _ ⊃`)" How can I prevent a school gun shooting incident? "→" That's right (゚ ∀ ゚)! Have all the students have guns! ! "

Akitate │ thing common in job hunting

1 Name: Below, VIP will be sent instead of the Nameless [] Posted on: 2011/02/21 (Monday) 22: 18: 30.65 ID: iRu

There are many who are going to volunteer with friends and Cambodia

118 Name: Adventure's Book 【Lv = 1, xxxP】 [] Posted on: 2011/02/21 (Mon) 23: 21: 31.11 ID: 4 g /

A group woman comes out in a group discussion

280 Name: Below, VIP will send you a changed nameless [] Posted on: 2011/02/22 (Tue) 00: 30: 51.73 ID: SbP

>> 118
And by collaboration, it falls for each group

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Sakura on the way back to the universe ... somehow germination · rapid growth: science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

In Okayama prefecture, 10 daigo cherry trees (Daigo Zakura) in Maniwa City, which normally grow only about 50 centimeters a year, germinated last spring and now it is over 90 centimeters. One of them exceeded 160 cm. In Sakawa Town, Kochi Prefecture, Young Sakura (Wakaki no Sakura), which should grow only about 30 cm a year, grew up to 135 cm in about a year.

Various effects such as weightlessness and radiation are considered

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Reasons why young people in the world are rebellious JBpress (Japan Business Press)

In the world, there are countries in which it is a problem that the number of young people is too large, while on the other hand there are countries that are suffering by being too few.
But in countries where young people are more than older people, young people have the expectation to make their destinies a little better through elections, whereas in young people countries where the number of elderly people is higher than young people , Elderly people can create situations favorable to them through elections.

There is a mood that "young people are not cheerful" in the Japanese that seems to fall under the latter without a doubt, but there is not much to be watched as to how they are so.

Eldest son older than parent is inherited, invalid for grandchild Supreme Court: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

According to the judgment reason, the same small court stated that "a person who intends to inherit property will inherit property to a certain heir, usually only that he / she intends to have heritage acquired." In the case that an heir who was planned to receive all the property died, he decided that "will will not take effect" insofar as there are no special circumstances such as instructing inheritance of suicide in the will.

Elders careful with low nutrition Meals, various methods of cooking + (2 / 2pages) - MSN Sankei News

Eight items are (1) not enough everyday to purchase 10 items (meat, eggs, fish and shellfish, milk, green yellow vegetables, soy products, potatoes, fruits, seaweeds, fats and oils) every day (2) (3) One person eats simple meals often (4) Three or more medications are taken on the day (5) Weight has decreased by more than 1 kilogram in the past 3 months (6) During this 3 months There was a strong stress (7) I became an acute illness in the last 3 months (8) I have fallen within a year. If it matches even one item, it is better to think about improvement of living.

Undernutrition is becoming a problem even in the younger generation

23 people, Toyama's students, to live in ... 9 people Response: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the school, the group seems to have been underlaid by the earthquake and collapsed buildings during lunch at the training school. A lady teacher who was caught between the debris and could not move it called out to the surroundings, 9 people under the rubble had a response. The local rescue team is in rescue activities.

Damage caused by a direct type earthquake of magnitude 6.3 that hit Christchurch in New Zealand South Island

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The most abundant and esoteric station in Japan 'Shinjuku station' strategy method | nanapi [Nanapi]
It may be easier to understand if you divide it into five areas, Shinjuku east exit area, Seibu Shinjuku area, Shinjuku 3-chome area, Shinjuku west exit area, Shinjuku South exit area.

Diet essentials! Is it? Japan's first "eating too much" determination device, developed by Tanita - MSN Sankei News

Approximately 2 hours after taking a meal, urine is applied to the sensor part of the instrument and the amount of sugar contained in urine is measured. The amount of sugar is displayed on the monitor part of the equipment with its own "meal" index.

Not only for diets, items that seem very good for those who need adequate calorie management

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 350 mobile units arrested by former DoCoMo store manager for suspicion of arrest - society

According to investigation officials and NTT docomo public relations department, self-stated members arrived at both stores, using the name of others as a "proxy" without permission, new contracts and changing models. Self-proclaimed members stayed in the shop or requested to the shop side persistently, and it is said that former store managers responded.
Approximately 70 units out of about 350 units illegally acquired were new contracts, and about 280 were model change. The former shop managers did not confirm the identity of the contractor either by a new contract or by a change in model. Especially, in the case of model change, there was no obligation to confirm by ID card etc. based on the mobile phone fraud use prevention law, and in both stores the identity confirmation was accepted only by telephone. The former store managers and others seemed to have offered much in the form of a change of model, against the background of the relaxation of such checks.

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Should I do "I think that I am interesting"? Should "Do what others think is interesting" should be done? - teruyastar talks about
Should Mr. Miyazaki Naoyuki Urasawa, Kazuo Gomi, Isao Saito, Shigeru Miyamoto etc. be summarized about "Should I do what I think is interesting"?

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
"Space Battleship Yamato" Hollywood Actualization! : Movie News - Movies .com

According to Deadline of the United States, Sky Dance Productions, a production company of "True Grit", aims to acquire the filming right of the English version of "Space Battleship Yamato" "Star Burazers" broadcasted in the United States in 1970 It is said that they are in talks.

Following live-action in Japan, there is a possibility that Hollywood will become a live-action picture

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