Human first pet was a fox? Ruins buried together with humans are discovered 16,000 years ago

The ancestral dog living as a human partner is a wolf ancestral dog,It was kept as a pet for 15,000 years agoThere is a theory that, but it seems that evidence was discovered that the fox had been kept earlier than that.

In a certain burial site in the northern part of Jordan, it is said that traces of human beings and foxes were buried side by side, and researchers seem to have made a hypothesis by comparing experiments with this interesting discovery.

The reasons why the fox was buried with human beings are as follows.Man's First Best Friend Might Have Been A Fox: NPR

An ancient burial site in the northern part of Jordan, archaeologists have made astonishing discoveries. In the grave, the body of the fox was buried next to that of human beings. Those bodies are considered to be about 16,000 years ago. Humans may have tried to keep pets quite early.

This is an amazing discovery, "When we first excavated the bodies, we first thought that dogs are buried next to me," said Lisa Maher, a researcher at Cambridge. I will. Only after her team analyzed the body of the animal proved that it was a fox. However, it is only one of the possibilities that a fox found in a grave was kept as a pet. Apart from the theory that it was raised as a pet, the remains of the foxtotemIt may have had meaning as, or may have importance in faith.

So Maher's research team compared this burial ground with the burial place where humans and dogs were lined 4000 years later. It seems that the similarity of both found by this comparison suggests that it is a special case in which feelings were communicated between a certain person and a specific fox.

When comparing the two burial places, Mr. Maher emphasized that there is continuity in the custom at the place where the body is temporarily placed and said, "The similarity of custom at the temporary place of the body and the relation between humans and animals As we look at sex, we believe that the culture of burial is inherited at a depth of much greater time than we previously thought. "

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