Freemake Video Downloader, a free movie downloading software that became more powerful in response to Nico Nico Douga and conversion for iPod / iPhone / Android / PSP

Free software that allows you to download movies from video sites "Freemake Video Downloader"Power up further, the menu and setting are all in Japanese and corresponded to Nico Nico Video · · MTV · · ·, Vimeo · Megavideo · Facebook from HD It supports video download, HQ video download from Dailymotion, even RTMP based YouTube which is fully streamed and can not be downloaded anywhere in the cache, the download speed will be quadrupled, the download speed will be quadruple, iPod / iPhone / Android / With the conversion function to PSP and the function to extract only voice,When reviewing with GIGAZINE beforeIt was further strengthened.

So, downloading, installing and using it is from below.

Please download videos from Nico Nico Douga, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Megavideo with Free Video Downloader

◆ Installation method (a way not to install extra software anyway)

After accessing the above page, click "Download" at the top right to download the installer (even if you are not connected to the offline net, the installer OKhere)

Click on the downloaded installer to start up

Click "OK"

Please uncheck and click "next"

If this screen appears, select "Custom installation", deselect all checks, click "Next"

Even if the following screen appears instead of the above screen, please uncheck both and click "Next"

Please uncheck and click "next"

If you want to add a download button to Chrome, Firefox, IE, select "Full installation", if you do not need such extra add-ons or extensions, select "Custom installation", uncheck and click "Next".

Click "Next"

Click "Finish" to complete

After clicking "completion", the browser starts up and the page is displayed. Click "×" at the top right and close it

During startup. The first startup is a bit slow.

This is the start screen

When starting up, click "Options" at the bottom left

It is completed by unchecking "Use Video Grab Pro"

◆ How to use (for beginners beginners)

Easy to use, copy and paste the address of the video you want to download, just click the "Add" button.

First select the size to download. The higher you go, the higher the image quality, the higher resolution, and the file size will increase.

Then, choose whether to simply download the file or extract only the sound, convert it for iPod / iPhone / Android / PSP after downloading.

Finally, select the save destination folder, then click "Convert" OK

The download starts in this way, and the conversion starts automatically when the download is completed. Downloading is fairly fast because it uses multiple threads simultaneously.

After downloading, click "View in folder" to see the file directly, or if you want to play immediately, click the play button is fine.

To delete the downloaded item from the list, right click on the blank part of the list and select "delete all" OK. The file does not disappear, only the name disappears from the list.

For sites that can not be downloaded without logging in (YouTube or Nico Nico video)

For example, in the case of YouTube, you can not download a movie that requires age verification unless you log in

In such a case, click "option" at the bottom left first

When you select "Add account" from the "Account" tab, YouTube is displayed by default, so please enter the email address and password you are using to log into YouTube as is, then click "OK" Addition completed

In the case of Nico Nico Douga, select "Nicovideo Account", enter the login email address and password for logging in to Nico Nico Douga, then click "OK" to complete addition

Then copy and paste the address in the same way and click "Add"

If you click "Download" it is OK

It will be downloaded like this

◆ Change to one click download mode (for intermediate and advanced users)

To set to download the original file to the desktop with haste just by copying the address, click the button in the one-click download mode in the upper right and change it to "ON"

Next, click on the part marked "optimum parameter" and select "highest quality"

The folder on the right is the folder to download, so click and select the desktop OK. With this, you will automatically save to the desktop just by copying the address you want to download, making it dramatically convenient

◆ Download via download button

When "Full installation" is selected at the time of installation, Firefox is installed as an add-in like this and can be deleted if unnecessary. Extensions are installed in Google Chrome as well.

In Firefox, clicking this button on the page you are watching will instantly launch Freemake Video Downloader and you are ready to download. Copying and pasting addresses, clicking on buttons can be skipped, so it's overwhelmingly convenient if you want to download movies of the page you are watching.

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