The team losing in the Super Bowl, the vision of the phantom "Champion T-shirt"


It was held on February 6, 2011The 45th Super BowlOkay.Green Bay PackersIs 31 - 25Pittsburgh SteelersI got the position of the fourth NFL champion. Many fans already wear the victory commemorative T - shirts and victory memorial hats on the next day, and these memorable goods are naturally manufactured long before the game can be known and were stocked in the store .

So, unfortunately where did you go to Steelers' Champion T - shirt, where you could not have a crown?

Details are as below.Zambia: Where the T-Shirts for Losing Super Bowl Teams Go

Winner of Green Bay PackersOfficial shopSo this "champion T" and many other victory commemorative goods are on sale.

Goods such as "Champion T" are produced before you know the victory or defeat, so this year we made a version to prepare for the Steelers victory, but if you are a fan you might have wanted more to get out of your throat Where did those goods go?

Actually, Steelers' victory commemoration T-shirt, which had been manufactured before the Super Bowl, is prohibited from selling in the United States due to regulations, so the charity to support the children of the developing countries and the poor Organization "World VisionThroughZambiaYaArmenia,Romania,NicaraguaIt is said that it will be donated to people such as. Hats and sweats etc. are sent as well.

Director of World Vision Jeff Fields was born and raised Steaters fans who are genuinely Pittsburgh. This year I feel like sending out a phantom "Steelers' championship T - shirt" in a bittersweet mood.

In World Vision, NFL teams have been offering pirated T-shirts etc seized by the NFL team since the 1990s, building up a relationship of trust with NFL, among the T-shirts of both teams printed before the Super Bowl, the losers who are not sold It seems that T - shirts came to be sent to poor countries. It seems that MLB (baseball), NBA (basketball), NHL (hockey) have similar contracts, but reflecting the popularity of football in the United States, the amount of clothing provided from NFL is the largest And that.

Although the loser Steelers' T - shirts manufactured this year were about 100,000 pieces, the year when the Team selling T - shirts, that is, the team based in the populous metropolitan area entered the Super Bowl and was defeated It seems that we can send huge number of T - shirts to poor countries. "New England PatriotsButNew York · GiantsYears lost by (2008) andChicago BearsButIndianapolis ColtsThe year was lost by (2007), the number was more. If the Super Bowl is a Giants v. Patriots every year, it is ideal for our charity, but that's not the case, "said Fields of Steelers fans.

The 41st Super BowlPeople in Zambia who acquired 'Bears' victory commemorative T-shirt'. If a Bears fans traveler encounters it may be a scene that I think is "This is a dreamland?", But many of the people receiving T-shirts do not even know what American football is.

In addition, those who receive T shirts, hats, etc. have signed contracts that can not sell or exchange items received from World Vision (violating it will not be able to receive future support), so enthusiastic Steelers fans It is useless even if traveling seeking "visionary T - shirts". Also, World Vision is operated with a very strict policy, and it is impossible to think that staff will cross the T-shirt.

Rather than stealing to get this year 's T - shirt, it is better for Steelers fans to reinforce their support situation for the next season in order to acquire the victory commemoration T - shirts quietly next year It seems that it can be said to be a shortcut to obtaining T - shirts.

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