Following "Machi ★ Asobi" at Tokushima, exhibition and spot sale such as garage kit · figure started, copyright on that day also

Tokushima Prefecture seems to be tolerant of subculture such as animation and manga considerably while there is a governor who makes remarks like cutting off manga and animation, and the events that are taking place in Tokushima as the setting "Machi ★ AsobiGovernor Izumi himselfParticipate in the public recording of the event, respond to a photo session with Miku HatsuneYou can see the appearance.

In Tokushima, it became clear that an exhibition spot sale of independent works such as garage kit, figures, cosplay costumes will be held in May. Although information on corporate exhibition is unknown, as Tokushima versionWonder FestivalContents that are likely to be expected are scheduled.

Details are as below.
CGM Marketplace

"CGM Marketplace" is an independent production model (garage kit · doll, cosplay costume exhibit and spot sale, exhibitable items are garage kit, doll's body and accessories, toys (new, used and out of print) , Cosplay costumes, accessories, music and so on.

Features are similar to Wonder FestivalThe day copyright systemBy introducing the event, by letting the copyright holder valid copyright only on the day of the event, figures of characters and robots appearing in animation, manga, games etc. can be sold at the event venue I will. About titles that can be applied for licensing will be announced at the official website at a later date.

The deadline for the participation with the copyright on that day (deadline for application on the day) is February 24 (Thu), and on the day without copyright (original works only) is March 7 (Monday).

The event will be held on 3rd May (Tue) at the Awaodori Kaikan of Tokushima City.

Just around that timeMachi ★ Assov 6Since it is supposed to be held, so if you think that the schedule per golden week is not decided yet, think about it as a candidate for the destination.

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