Popular voice actors in Tokushima · Eittle Kitamura and Aiki Toyosaki talk event, free screening of sky boundaries and Senkororu also

It is held for three days from October 10 (Saturday) to Monday 12 (Monday), Tokushima's "Mountain peak autumn festa of Bizan×Gusset ★ Asobi". Tokushima City Tourist Association andEuphor tableThe event organized by popular voice actors, free screenings of movies, stamp rallies etc. are scheduled to be held, and it is showing the appearance of a big animation event.

A period limited tour announcement by Mr. Maaya Sakamoto is done at the Mountain Rope Cave that connects the foot of the mountain to the mountaintop of Mount Meiyama, and is the condition of the power that can not be thought of as a local event.

Details are as below.
Bizan Mountain Autumn Festa


The event "Machi ★ Asobi" held for the purpose of playing Tokushima collaborates with the "Mountain Summit Festival on Mount Bizan" held at Mount Bizan and over the three days from October 10 (Saturday) to Monday 12 (Monday) It is said that Tokushima will be dyed in an animated color.

At the summit of Mt. Bizan, dance and BMX events, Awa Odori, Janken Tournament etc. are carried out, and on the special screen, the Euphor table production "The boundary of the sky Chapter 1 birds-eye view"Directed by Utsuki Atsuya's"Senkororu"Screening of a new work by Youfa table. I am from Tokushima Prefecture on the 12th and "K-ON!"Hideo Hirasawa voice actor ·Toyosaki AkiTalk & live was also performed by Mr. Moriyama, and also on November 12, the light novel "My sister can not be this cute"The author of Takashi Fushimi and others will also do a free talk event. In the pagoda square tent, Mr. Yagami is due to write downColoring dokoiderAlso at the Meishan Ropeway, which connects Mountain top of Meishan and Tokushima city, tourism announcement flows with voice of Maaya Sakamoto who played both ceremonies at the sky boundary during this event period.

On the boardwalk along the Shinmachi River there is a Uforfolk tableStar Child,Mouse PromotionYaDice NetworksEtc. opened a umbrellas shop. We will sell goods and DVDs. On the 12th "fresh pretty Cure!Sonomi rare and "Tora-dora!Kawashima Ami's roleEri KitamuraWithTHE IDOLM @ STERPlay Chihaya Kisaragi atAsami ImaiPublic recording of the web radio by Mr. san also takes place.

Eita Kitamura.

Asami Imai.

In "Euphortern Table Cafe", a talk event will be held by Mr. Kitamura Mami, Mr. Asami Imai, Mr. Kanaka Akutsu, Hiromi Igarashi, Romi Moriya and others, and at the Shikoku University International Exchange Plaza, Mouse Promotion Senior Managing Director · A lecture meeting by Mr. Shigeru Naya will also be held.

It is a bit far from Tokyo, but if you use the expressway from Kinki / China / Shikoku, it is a place not too far, so if you are interested please visit.

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