Thickness of the unknown layer, professional face-up cosplayers ~ group + α edition ~

Company booth,One cosplayerAlthough I wrote in the article, this time the theme is "group and others" people who glow in their popular combination and personality will appear. Even the same woman may be able to enjoy it in various styles by people depending on the cosplay.

Details of the cosplayers who flew down to One Pheas are as follows. "K-ON!From Azusa Nakano and Mio Akiyama who seems to be good from each other. It is a Yukata version.

"Fate / stay nightIt is more Saber Horta.

"black rock shooter"Black ★ Rock Shooter and Dead Master encountered a deadly fighting field from rivalry.

Taking a temporary truce and shooting time.

This was also popular "Panty & Stockings with Garter BeltIt is a pantyhose sister from ".

"Durarara! It is!"True main character Celty Sturlson.

Classic "The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaFrom Yuki Nagato is the appearance. I feel somewhat soooo somewhat.

Some of these children are taken to their parents by "Lucky ☆ StarIt was Hiiragi sister of. It is a tricky word to get a pose properly.

I found a Pretty Cure corps with old and new, so I briefly pulled down the shutter, but it is a powerful force anyway. The center started broadcasting the other day "Suite PreCure ♪"We are two people.

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