JoJo's bizarre adventure beautiful figure, this year's new work includes "Kira Yoshida" and "Killer Queen", "Hirose Koichi" and "Echoes"

It has been serialized for more than 20 years and gathers enthusiastic support from fans"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"FromWonder Festival 2011 [Winter]"Koichi Hirose" and "Echoes" in Part 4 are limited wonder festival colors, and the last enemies of Part 4 "Kira Yoshida" and "Killer Queen" are exhibited in Hirohiko Araki designated color It was.

After the end of Part 4, Koichi Hirose re-emerges in a special way as a takeover to Part 5, and Yoshikage Kira is after the main leaving"Dead Man's Q"It appeared as a hero in a short work called Jojo Fan, and this time it became a figure of a character with a deep impression. What is the outcome of the attention figures?

Details are as below.Medicos · Entertainment official website

Medicos · entertainment booth selling figures "super image move" series based on "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" etc.

Showcase of Part 2

"Caesar · Cepeli" will be released in August and supervised prototype

"Joseph Joe Star" is scheduled to be released in July Also supervised prototype

At the foot of Joseph weapons used in the original, sledge hammer, bow gun, crackers are lining up.

For the fans in Part 2 it may be that the chests get hot just because they are lined up.

"Taro Kuza, Taro" in Part 4 will be released in April, "Star Platinum" will be released in May, both have been supervised prototype.

Also in the fourth part "Kishinbashi & Heavens Door" is scheduled to be released in June and has been supervised prototype.

"Kira Yoshida Second" will be released in March. Sheer · Heart · Attack is floating on the upper left of Kira. Coloring supervised. It is Yoshiyoshi Kage that has already been figurated once from Medicos · Entertainment, but this time it is the designated color version of the original author Hirohiko Araki.

Kira Queen's figure "Killer Queen Second", a stand of Kira, scheduled to be released in February. Yoshiyoshi Yoshiyoshi As well as shadows supervised coloring.

Jojo is said to be an onomatopoeia, an onomatopoeia of a familiar drawing character. An explosion sound by the killer Queen bomb "DogOion" is set.

From the left Echoes ACT 1 second, Hirose Koichi, ACT 3 second, ACT 2. As a product, "Hirose Koichi & Echoes ACT 1" is a set, "Echoes ACT 2 & ACT 3" is set. Both are the limited color of the wonder festival, limited production of 2500 pieces. Echoes showed a new development that was not found in the past Jojo called Kanichi Hirose 's stand to change appearance every mentally growing.

From the 5th section, "Brono · Bučarati" scheduled to be released in September and its stand "Sticky Fingers" will be released in October, both supervised prototype.

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