"CDMA2000 version iPhone 4" achieves unprecedented big hit, record booking number

For Japan's largest mobile phone company "Verizon" adopting the same "CDMA 2000 system" as KDDI in JapanCDMA 2000 version "iPhone 4" was announced on January 12It became clear that it became an unprecedented big hit.

In the era when AT & T had exclusive saleI can not sell my iPhone without keeping up with the base stationAlthough it was the result of dissatisfaction of the user because it was, etc., it seems that many users are hoping for the CDMA 2000 version iPhone 4.

Details are as below.
Verizon Wireless Has Record Sales On First Day Of iPhone 4?

According to the press release of Verizon, when we started accepting reservations for "iPhone 4" to be released on February 10 on-line for existing users, despite having started in the morning between 3 and 5 o'clock, the company was founded Since then, it is said that an overwhelming number of orders, which is the first scale, took place in 2 hours after acceptance.

Da Mead, CEO of the company on this matter, said, "We are proud of our employees who have strengthened our system so that we can handle unprecedented orders." It is.

IncidentallyExclusive sales contract for iPhone is finished worldwideTim Cook, who also decided to leave Apple's management on behalf of Steve Jobs who is under medical treatment, said, "Even after constantly evaluating the situation in each country, we will have a new way to expand our market share We will continue to search for it, "Is there any possibility of actively developing multicarriers in various countries around the world including Japan?

Already in the fourth quarter of 2010, the Android smartphone has become the share top, surpassing the iPhone and BlackBerry in the world market, but I am concerned about how Apple intends to get back on.

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