The railroad model runs through a dark room and draws a shadow Art "10th sentiment (dots, lines, faces)"

A railroad model that lighted LED lights can run through in a dark room where almost nothing can be seen when moving from a bright place "The 10th sentiment (point, line, surface)".

The 14th Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalThis work, which won the Excellence Award of the Art Division 's Art Division, is an interactive art where a railroad model equipped with LED headlamps moves in a dark room with daily necessities on the floor, slowly moving light shadows various things You can get a magical experience as if you are on a train.

Details of art are below.
Here is the outline of the work.

The work is in a pitch dark space separated by partitions.

As the railroad model moves, the light moves and the shape of the shadow appearing on the wall changes.

Various daily goods are producing shadows.

For example, it is such a monkey.

However, when it appears on the wall it turns into a pattern that looks like coming through something wonderful tunnel.

This also seems to be just a stack of boxes ... ...

The shadow looks as if it is running through the building group.

Looking at the picture like this. It is an art that I enjoy wearing eyes pretty much, so maybe I do not understand a bit in this video.

YouTube - the 10th sentiment (point, line, surface)

Please come and visit the National Art Center. It is an art that you can enjoy in minutes for minutes.

© Kwakubo Ryota

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