Sony officially announces "PlayStation Suite", to offer Android PS game of the first

Today's "PlayStation Meeting 2011"PlayStation Suite" was officially announced earlier.

It will be able to play games of the first PS even on portable devices other than PSP, provided for the Android platform. It is to realize the provision of games beyond the bounds of hardware.

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Details are as below.
New platform "PlayStation Suite"

Offered for Android tablets and smartphones.

Offering "PlayStation Certified" program that guarantees whether or not you can play with PS software on Android terminal you have.

You will be able to play the original PS software.

We provide games that do not depend on hardware. Moreover, by lowering the hurdle of providing games to the PlayStation Network, we have created a mechanism that allows easy entry.

Because "PlayStation Suite" will allow you to enter games creators who had nothing to do with Sony Computer Entertainment so far, it is expected that the range of games will expand in the future.

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