"Mangas Japan old fashi ni", 240 episodes to be released as a DVD-BOX of all 60 volumes from April

Everyday Broadcasting (MBS)As a 60th anniversary commemoration project "Manga Japanese old fashioned storyIt seems to make DVD-BOX.

"Mangas Japan old fashi noshi" was made into video software in 1995, but it seems that it is the first time to make DVD.

Details are as below.
Amazon.co.jp: Mangas Japan Old Fashioned DVD Box Vol. 1 (5 sheets) (Tentative): TV Animation: DVD

Every day broadcasting was founded in 1950 as "New Japan Broadcasting Corporation". On September 1, 1951, Broadcasting Radio Station started broadcasting the second in Japan, renamed as "Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation" in 1958, and started broadcasting television from 1959.

"Mangas Japan old fashi ni" started in 1975, this is just every day broadcastingNet change from ANN to JNNIt is at the same time as I did it. Originally it was produced as a blank filling program, but because it was popular it became a regular program, and since then the broadcast on the nationwide network was done until 1994.

Although it was "Manga Japanese old-fashioned" which kept a high viewing rate together with "Quiz Derby", in the 1990's, it was deprived of popularity by counterprograms such as "Heisei Educational Committee of Takeshi and Himari" and "Sailor Moon of Bishoujo" After all, "quiz derby" finished first in 1992, the nationwide broadcasting of "Mangas Japan old fashi" in March 1994 ended. Even after this, the broadcast continued in the local frame, but after six months the broadcast of new production finished and switched to rebroadcast.

This time, the Mainichi Broadcasting is a program commemorating the 60th anniversary of the opening, making 240 episodes of this work DVD-BOX. BOX of 5 volumes in 1 volume 4 stories collection will be released from April 1 at 14,000 yen each. After that, it is said that 10 volumes will be released every two years, August, December and yearly.

The following works will be recorded for the release on April 1st.

Volume 1 "Tick Mountain" "Momotaro" "Rain of Kappa" "Black Sledge of Sora Beans"
Volume 2 "Hanasaka the grandfather" "Kintaro" "Uglyu chief" "Hachiroku no Hachiro"
Volume 3 "Battle in the Haruka" "Taro Urashima" "Dandrubuchi" "Women's Picture"
Volume 4 "One-sized guru" "Tongue cutting sparrow" "Rice transplanted jizo" "Salt wipe"
Volume 5 "Tanabata san" "One Nap", "Iwana's Monster" "Kotaro and Hara"
Volume 6 "Snow Woman" "Waterfall of the Yoro" "Sada 6 and Shiro" "Frog's Repayment"
Volume 7 "Binhwa tea pot" "Cats dancer" "Ubasutama" "Demon of Rashomon"
Volume 8 "Musubi Roll Roll" "Hearless Ear I" "Mago and Raccoon Dog" "Fox Lady"
Volume 9 "Zashiki Daigo" "Three bills" "Totoro hot potato" "Treasure geta"
Volume 10 "Axes of Kogane" "Kaki Nagatachi" "Hataribori" "Carrots and burdocks and radish"

By the way, since the total number of stories of "Mangas Japanese old fashi" is 1471, even if we have this DVD-BOX, we will not reach 20% of the total yet. Will it come the day when everything is made into video software ...?

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