A weakly five-year-old "Princess boy" appeared, a boy wearing a girl's clothes put it in a picture book

A mother of a boy who loves to wear girls' clothes, such as skirts and dresses, is talking about publishing picture books based on him as a model.

According to Cheryl Kilodavis, my mother and author of a picture book, I will publish this picture book, although the title of the picture book is "My Princess Boy" and it may sound like selling my son when hearing this only That means I want to aim the world without bullying.

Dyson 's impression of you and the circumstances that led to the publication of a picture book are as follows.'Princess Boy,' 5, Loves Wearing Dresses, Inspires Mom to Publish Anti-Bullying Book - ParentDish

That he is "Princess Boy", Dyson-kun (5 years old) of Cheryl Kilodavis's son. It is one of the snapshots I am impatient with pretty clothes.

Cheryl Kilodavis wrote a picture book named "My Princess Boy" modeled on his son who loves to wear girls' clothes. When Dyson who became a model of a picture book grows up, I am worried that I might be annoyed with being cold from my friends who saw this picture book, but CherylSpecial website introducing picture booksOn above, Dyson is writing a hope that you want to become a better world without seeing people like that until it grows big

At first, when Dyson knew that she wanted to wear girls' clothes, the couple managed to manage somehow so-called ordinary boys. Mr. Cheryl told Dyson to take off the girls' clothes and admonished the boy could not become a princess.

However, in one word of Dyson's older brother · Dkobe (8 years old), Mr. Cheryl seems to have changed his mind. "Dkobe told me this:" Because Dyson is having fun, let me leave it as is, Mommy. "And soon, this realized that there was a problem on my part I regretted that I was forcing my son to prejudice that "a boy has a baby." Then I used a copy machine to print a prototype of the book to share my thoughts.In this picture book I thought how hard it is to be excluded from the group and how I accept the personality to change my life. "

Father Dean also said, "He has not changed anything from other children, I love to climb trees, but I just like to wear a dress like a princess" I will.

Even though parents and older brothers have an understanding, his clothes may be stuck in the eyes of a bully searching for a target. But Cheryl says he can not stop the bully even at the expense of his personality. "I think that everyone thinks that they think that they want their children to have a life without suffering, even myself, but if Dyson wears a boy's clothes, I think that bullying will not stop . "

Mr. Cheryl continues. "We should wake up and we have to ask yourself why we turn our attention towards what is different from people.Bullying is an unforgivable act of robbing our lives as well Everyone should be hoping that the world will be able to say their own opinions without children hurting their opponents and hurting themselves again. "

Dyson himself was dignified, and in an interview of a television program "I like" Princess boy ", cute clothes.And I like pink and red," Hakihaki answered I will. You can see the situation on the following link.

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"Princess boy" Dyson's departure is certainly unique but I can not wear a woman's clothes obediently like him, but unexpectedly many people have the desire to wear it if given the opportunity maybe.

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