Snow in the zoo excites me greatly, Penguin movies rejoicing bouncing around

The year-end and New Year holidays became heavy snow everywhere in Japan, but in the area where snow normally does not seem to have seen the situation that children are rolling around and adversely beside adults who are bothered by traffic conditions and unfamiliar snowfalls Is it?

For penguins from the Antarctic, it seems not to be rare as snow, but the circumstances seem to be different in the case of a penguin born at a zoo. An adorable movie that took a picture of a child penguin who gets excited as he jumps around in a nonstop fashion with adult penguins gently staring still in the snow of the snowing zoo is getting popular.

Playback is from the following.YouTube - Happiest Penguin Ever - Real Life Happy Feet

A child penguin who jumps up spiritlessly out of adults who are staring still and surpassing the cold.

The appearance as if it expresses joy all over while letting the feathers flutter is a movie "Happy feet"The main character · Tap dance is good at penguin" Mumble "reminiscent.

The feathers are not the baby penguin gray but the same color as an adult, but it seems that it is still a young child penguin, looking from the smallness of the body.

Is it the closing time of the zoo, "fire of fireflies" is flowing. It is a zoo where snow is unusual and may be excited to see the snow.

January 4, 2011 08: 30 postscript:According to readers' point of view, not the same kind of penguin adults and children but the back groupKing penguinOrPenetration Penguin, A few birds on the front and a bird jumpingIwatobi penguinsThere seems to be a kind of possibility.

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