Apple decided to sell lucky bag "Lucky Bag" in 2011 as well, "Initial sale" will be implemented even at online shops

Apple announced that it will sell the annual lucky bag "Lucky Bag" in 2011 as well.

In addition, we are planning to implement "first selling" that can be purchased reasonably at online shops.

Details are as below.
Apple - New Year in the Apple Store

According to Apple's official website, on January 2, 2011, Ginza (Tokyo), Shibuya (Tokyo), Shinsaibashi (Osaka), Nagoya Sakae (Aichi), Fukuoka Tenjin (Fukuoka), Sendai Ichibancho (Miyagi), Sapporo It says to sell "Lucky Bag" which is a lucky bag at "Apple Store" of Hokkaido.

"Lucky Bag" is 30,000 yen including tax, including carefully selected Apple products, accessories, original goods, etc. Some have "lucky surprises" in them. In addition to being sold out as soon as it is sold out, sales will be from 8 am.

Details are posted on the following page.

Apple - Retail Store - Apple Store New Year's Day

Also, on January 2nd, the first sale will be held at the online shop "Apple Online Store", all eligible products will be free shipping so you can try your luck with "Lucky Bag" early in the new year, online shopping It seems that it is good to aim for bargain goods in ... ....

By the way, the contents of "Lucky Bag" sold on January 2, 2010 are released on the following link, but items such as the following are contained, and when sum total amounts it was about 75,000 yen That's right.

I bought Lucky Bag at the Apple Store Sapporo in the snowstorm! | GoGo! Machead!

· Incase Nylon Compact Backpack (15 inches) Price ¥ 8,800
* Special tag with Apple Store 2010 + color of fastener turned red Special specification
· IHome iP38 Portable Stereo Alarm Price $ 129.99?
※ It seems to be a model not yet released in Japan at the moment
· IPod nano 16GB RED price ¥ 17,800
· USB power adapter price ¥ 3,400
· Power Support Crystal Jacket for iPod nano 5G Price ¥ 1,980
* Special specification with logo of Apple Store 2010
· Incase Sports Armband Pro for iPod nano 5G price ¥ 3,480
· Nike + iPod Sport Kit price ¥ 3,400
· Atomic Floyd TwistJax price ¥ 23,800?
* Special specification without a carrying pouch and flight adapter (also called inexpensive version)
· Lucky Bag commemorative T shirt not for sale
· ITunes Card One Free Song 2 sheets Price \ 400?

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