This year's final "M-1 Grand Prix 2010" final, the final champion is decided

On December 26, the final game of "AUTOBACS M-1 Grand Prix 2010" to decide No. 1 of comic dialogue was held.

Laughter rice, which will be the final for nine consecutive years in a row, Knights for the third consecutive year, Ha Raichi for second consecutive year, and five pairs for first appearance, and Oi Racecourse winning loser As a result of being contested by one pair, the champion was decided.

On the day the 8 finalists were releasedThis competition lastM - 1 Grand Prix announced to be, and what was the last crown shining over the head of any combination?

Details of the results are given below.
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With the announcement of the eight teams who won the final on December 12That the event will be held lastWas announced and attracted attention now, the winner from the loser recovery game was the last year's champion Punk Boo Boo.

Judges of the final race were Shimada Shinsuke, Matsumoto Hitoshi (Downtown), Nambara Kiyotaka (Uchchan Nanchan), Watanabe Masayuki, Nakata Kause (Nakata Kauss · Button), and the first judge Kazuki Otake , Hiroyuki Miyamaki (raining after the rain). The order of the neta show is Canary, Jardal, Slim Club, Silver Shari, Knights, Laughter Rice, Hellai, Piece, Punk Boo Boo.

It is said that the top batter is a standard, so it is said that it is difficult to advance to the finals, and the canary which decorated the top batter in the competition sank to the lowest score at 592 points. Meanwhile, Laughter meal, which aims to win the prize in the ninth year, and Punk Boo Boo, who is aiming for the first consecutive win, both went on to final battle with a score equal to 668 points.

The scores of the first round of the race are as follows. The red area is where each judge gave the first score, the orange place the second score, the yellow ground the third, the light green area the fourth gray, and the gray the 9th. While high scores are concentrated on laughter rice and punk booves, there were cases where each judge had a fifth scorer for the slim clubs that advanced to the final.

While Laughter Rice showed off "Santaros" like a variant of "Birdman" who showed off in the final round of last year's final 1 round, the judges seemed to be confused by the slim club's story, Shimada Zensuke made a comment stating that he was worried about how to evaluate with the first one.

In the final battle, we will show off the story in the order of Slim Club, Laughter Rice, Punk Boo Boo. In each group we showed the same type of story as the net of the first round in the race, especially with laughter 2nd in the laughing rice and 3rd in the punk boo bout the same as last year, if the atmosphere is the same as last year it will be Punk Boo Boo There was also a moment when I felt that I won consecutive races.

As a result of the final voting by the judges, there were 4 votes of laughter (Matsumoto, Nambara, Otake, Watanabe), Slim clubs 3 votes (Gensuke, Miyasako, Kaus), Punk Boo Boo 0 votes, Laughter meets winning prize I accomplished it. Regarding this, Shimada Shigenosu commented that laughter rice was winning by vote if the first and the second neta are opposite.

Unfortunately the tournament will be the end of this year, so the combination we lost this time can not be revenged, but will this tournament be a reality?

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