"Asus" is the correct way to read "ASUS", neither "Esus" nor "Assass"

Familiar with the pioneering existence of PC motherboard and netbook "EeePC"ASUS (ASUSTeK)However, formal reading is "ASUS (ASSOTECH)There are also people who do not know that it is "it is".

There seems to be some people who read "Esasu" or "Assasu" in the wind, but the way of reading in Japan is unified with "ASUS" to the last.

Details are as below.
According to ASUS Japanese corporate Twitter account, there seems to be a rumor that ASUS has officially changed the reading method from "ASUS" to "ETHAS".
About Twitter / ASUS: ASUS reading method, "Asus" to "Easus ...

However, there is no such fact, and the formal reading of ASUS is "Asus" from the time of entering the Japanese market to the present.
Twitter / ASUS: ASUS 's way of reading in Japan is "ASUS" is official. Day ...

Although there is a possibility of unifying the formal reading in the world in the future, there are also sounds difficult to pronounce depending on the country, so we assume that the current formal reading in Japan will become "ASUS" according to the company name.
Twitter / ASUS: There is also the possibility to unify ASUS reading method in the world in the future ...

In addition, as a background to the difference in reading as described above, ASUS has not been united in terms of reading at distributors, shops, etc., when ASUS products were imported and sold before full-scale entry into Japan Are listed.
Twitter / ASUS: I will supplement the ASUS reading. ASUS products are A ...

By the way it is a company name ASUS, but according to the official page, the last four letters of the flying white horse "Pegasus" in Greek mythology, which symbolizes inspiration in art and academics, originated from "official page" "By bringing high-level quality and creativity to the world, it is said that the meaning of concretely realizing the strength, creativity, purity symbolized by witty pegasus" is included.

ASUS - Derivation of brand name | ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

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