Dome stadium ceiling damaged by snow weight, American football game canceled

Local time On December 12, the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota was scheduled to play a match against NFL's New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings. However, a snowstorm attacked Minneapolis and a lot of snow was piled up on the ceiling of the dome, resulting in a part of the ceiling being damaged early in the morning of 12th. It seems that the Giants and Vikings match will be held at another stadium on the 13th.

The camera of FOX captured the collapse of the ceiling of this stadium. Although there is a dangerous precursor, unfortunately it is unfortunate that it did not happen during the game, due to the event in the blink of an eye until snow fell down after it broke.

Movie playback is from the following.
Video: Metrodome Roof Collapses - NFL FanHouse

A sign of collapse, snow falling from the ceiling and falling smoothly.

From here and from here as well Sara Sara ... .... If you look closely, the ceiling is already falling asleep.

A scene that remembers a sense of pressure very much.

And finally ...

The hole has opened.

The ground is so white as to squish as much as lime.

It seems that I could not resist the weight and it was torn.

Of course the Giants vs. Vikings match on this day was canceled and it was decided to be replaced at Ford Field, the home of Detroit Lions on 13th.

The good part of the Dome Stadium is where we can play any weather, and in "Kokki" there was an episode that both made a gigantic dome (arcade) for rainy shopping districts As with the Dome Stadium this time, the story was that it collapsed due to the weight of the snow ... ....

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