A variety of unique offices around the world that will make working fun

Many people may imagine that an office has a unique desk and chair in a dry space, but the office I'm going to introduce will be fun to work in. All of them have a typical design.

It's fun to look at the offices of companies that require inspiration to work, but when you compare the atmosphere of each company, there is a big difference, and you can feel the difference in corporate culture and business.

The following are some of the most interesting offices in the world, such as Google, which is known for its fashionable offices, and pixar, an animation studio.

The most interesting office in the world --All4yourfun

The office of Selgas Cano (architectural office), which looks like a capsule that suddenly appeared in the forest. It's an inspirational space that's perfect for the architect profession.

The office of marketing and public relations company Ogilvy has a futuristic atmosphere.

Needless to say, inside LEGO, the same red color as the logo is used as an accent in the coloring that imaged nature.

An office in the United States of Cartoon Network , which operates CATV specializing in anime. The room is full of playfulness, such as a room filled with animation scenes and a room with candy pots.

Red Bull 's London headquarters. It is unified with a fairly challenging design, such as a numbered conference room.

Nike 's office is stylishly stocked with its own products such as balls and bags.

Three Rings , a game company with an office in Pennsylvania, USA, has a wonderful blend of PCs and other devices into an office that looks like a fairy tale.

The office of Pixar, an animation studio, is a space illuminated by calm warm colors. The characters that appear in the movie are casually displayed.

This is

the Google office in Zurich, Switzerland that I introduced earlier. Unique meeting rooms such as capsule-style and gondola are available.

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