A premium feeling using luxuriously high purity "white rosary sugar" "Mitsuya Cider the premium" tasting review

I bought it quickly as a new product "Mitsuya Cider the Premium" of Mitsuya Cider series will be released from Asahi Beverage.

This sugar content is 99.9%, and this time it is using "white rosa sugar" used for high class sweets etc. This time feature. "The Premium" utilizes the high purity of this white sugar sugar to make use of the flavor and flavor of the other ingredients and realizes a denser sweetness and aroma than the conventional Mitsuya Cider. How pretty is it to be a premium finish?

So, the actual taste and appearance of "Mitsuya Cider the Premium" is as follows.Mitsuya Cider the Premium | Mitsuya Cider | Carbonated Drinks | Product Information | Asahi Beverages

This is "Mitsuya Cider the Premium". It is not a plastic bottle but a bottle.

The gold label will produce a premium feel.

High purity "white rosacea" is used. As the purity is 99.9%, sugar is said to be high quality as the content of sucrose as the main ingredient is high, white sugar sugar seems to be extremely pure sugar with sugar content almost 100%.

Since 1884 characters. According to Wikipedia, the history of Mitsuya Cider is old, it was first sold as "Mitsuya Plain Waters" (Mitsuya Hirasoisu) in 1884 (Meiji 17), Natsume Soseki's "Goko" "Remembrance etc." It also appeared in 1897 that it was adopted as a priest of Emperor Taisho in the era of the Crown Prince.

White sugar sugarabout. I wonder if there are many people who have seen it at coffee shops. It seems that rare value is expensive material because it is made over time to increase the particle size from colorless transparent high-purity liquid sugar and to increase purity.

The reason that Mitsuya Cider continues to be drunk is that it is in "water" "fragrance" "manufacturing method" There are three.

Raw material notation. "White rosacea" is listed in sugar. The content is 330 ml and the price is 150 yen (tax included), slightly less than the conventional 500 ml bottle.

This is the raw material expression of the traditional Mitsuya Cider. In the conventional ones, it seems that the part that was described as "sugar" turned into "white rosary sugar" at the premium.

Nutrition component indication of the premium.

Nutritional information on conventional products. There seems to be a slight difference in the amount of sodium.

I saw two arranged side by side.

First off from The Premium. From the moment of opening the cap, a scent unique to Mitsuya Cider drifts. As I drink it, I can understand that the sweetness is clear and the smell is strong. There is not much feeling that carbonation is getting stronger, but rather a sense of showering feeling that does not disturb the taste and scent. The price is only 10 yen different, but I feel like Mitsuya Cider who ranked up overall.

When you drink the premium and drink traditional Mitsuya Cider, the difference is clearly understood. The premium seems to be much clearer than taste and fragrance compared to conventional products.

When it is transferred to a glass, the appearance is transparent so I do not know the difference, but there is a difference in the level that you can definitely discern the taste if you drink it. The sweetness of The Premium is certainly stronger than conventional products, but there was not much feeling as sticky. People who like Mitsuya Cider may want to taste this premium feeling once.

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