Shizuoka's birthplace cider 'Shizuoka Ichigo Cider' was an exciting cider who betrayed its appearance

Although Ichigo and Mt. Fuji, famous in Shizuoka Prefecture, come to mind first, strawberries are also one of the special products, and Kunozan and Yuzan are known as strawberry hunting spots. Its production area is ranked sixth in the whole country, and it seems that many people visit strawberry hunting from January to May. Shizuoka strawberry cider that I found in Shizuoka like that. It was too bright red to stand out so I accidentally put it in my shopping basket.

When I looked it up, I introduced it earlier in GIGAZINE"Shizuoka Precious Tea Coke (Shizuoka Cola)"It seems to be the same manufacturer's product. According to the product introduction, it is a local cheerful cider that "I use strawberries raised in warm Shizuoka, using Oishigawa's underwater water", but what is the taste like?

The actual taste and appearance of "Shizuoka Ichigo Cider" (200 yen including tax) is from the following.Kimura Drink Co., Ltd. Product Information: Shizuoka Ichigo Cider

This is "Shizuoka Ichigo Cider".

A strawberry shaped label.

There is the word "strawberry from Shizuoka Prefecture".

Fuji drawn on the upper left of the label is a letter of "sweet and sour tasty." Is it drawn on the side of Mt. Fuji, the leaf of tea?

I feel a commitment to the place where the notation of "raw strawberry juice (Shizuoka)" is written also in the raw material display.

Bubbles occurred with a great momentum when opened. I did not shake it, but carbonic acid seems to be strong.

I poured it into a glass. The refreshing scent of strawberries spreads out fluently. But when you drink it, the carbonate is intense. I feel irritating to the extent that the tongue is burning and painful. The sweetness is unexpectedly modest, and the strawberry acidity is working. It is somewhat different from the taste of dividing the so - called strawberry syrup with a cider, there is no sweetness that is sticky, a refreshing aftertaste. If you are looking for syrupy sweetness, you may feel insufficient.

It looks cute, so if you were literally looking sweet as if it were light and sweet taste, it was a taste and irritation that betrayed the forecast. It seems to be selling in the parking area of ​​Shizuoka prefecture, so when you stop by Shizuoka, it may be nice to try to talk about the story.

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