"Squall" "squall mango" "three fruits of squall" 3 types of drink comparison review

New "Squall three fruits" were added to the "Skal" series released by the South Japan Dairy Cooperative so I bought it at a convenience store at once.

In the convenience store only ordinary "squall" and "squall three fruits" could not be found, but I saw a product that I did not know for some time that it was released as "squall mango" in a little far supermarket, so compare 3 drinking comparisons I decided to see it.

Review from below.
South Japan Dairy Cooperative Co., Ltd. _ product lineup [squall brand] _

From the left, the new products "squall three fruits", "squall", "squall mangoes".

First is the normal squall.

It is always talked about when you drink a squall, but it is a Danish word meaning "toast" regardless of heavy rain.

This is a squall mango.

Mango juice 1% used.

The last is a squall three fruits.

Three fruits are apples, no western grapes, grapes.

I put them side by side. Mango seems to be different.

"Three fruits" on the left and "Squall" on the right. There are few differences if you pour into a glass.

On the other hand, mangoes are in a state to understand if seen.

Squall has long been a taste of various fruits and it seems that it is compatible with fruit, but "Mango" and "three fruits" are also delicious without exception. The three fruits feel the fruit flavor appears outwards after regular taste of squall spread to the mouth. Mango is a mango-like carbonated drink from the beginning.

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