Sold on e-bay, Ecto-1, a ghost busters car that was once used at Universal Studios

movies"Ghost Busters"Ecto-1" is the car that the main characters ride on the scene as they rush to the scene.

Before,It was sold for 18 million yenThere was a thing, but this time it is auctioned at a price that is easy to reach, compared with the previous time, which is $ 45,600 (about 4.54 million yen).

Details are as below.
EBay Motors: Cadillac: Cadillac (item 150301618614 end time Oct-11-08 19: 25: 39 PDT)

Ecto-1 was produced for filming movies and two were produced, and one was made for Universal Studios. Things that have been exhibited in e-bay this time were purchased by the current owner in August 2006, and until the previous 15 yearsUniversal Studios FloridaIt is said that it was used as a display for participating in the parade and exhibition.


A familiar mark.

If you load the ghost ridicule here, OK.

The current price is $ 45,600 (about 4.54 million yen). It is a price that you can buy a new car normally, but it seems to be a chance to get quite cheaply because it was 18 million yen when it was put on sale before.

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