"3 Size Search (Three Size Search)" that displays a female image that matches the condition when you enter the size of Bust, West Hip

You can use Yahoo API image search etc. to search for female images of the specified size one by one, display, search results can be shared on Twitter and Facebook, and furthermore the size can be searched consecutively further by 1 cm from each other In a sense meaning a terrible net service is this "3 Size Search (3 size search)"is.

In addition, since the search result of the displayed image is on the extension line of the result examined by the search engine as usual, please check the surrounding eyes and your age etc. from time to time at all times and be cautious.

Details of how to use are below.
3 Size Search (3 size search engine)

* 2010/11/10 10: 26 As of now, access is rushing and it is hard to connect

Easy to use, first select the size of the bust in the range of 75 to 99.

Next, select the size of the waist in the range of 50 to 79.

Next select the size of the hip in the range of 75 to 99.

Finally click "search".

Then the search result will be displayed, so it is up to you to zoom in by clicking the image.

Since it is also possible to move the size further by plus or minus 1 centimeter from the search result, it is also possible to grasp exactly what size is your preference exactly.

You can also search from the bottom of the page by saying "Odorama Three Size".

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