The sight of Jakarta's spectacular commuting rush, just life-threatening

Many workers commute by train from nearby towns to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, but the rush hour of commuting is at a level that is not even close to Japan and other places, and people enter the vehicle. People are stuck everywhere on the train because it doesn't cut.

Many people fall off the roof and die, which is a life-threatening event.

Damn Cool Pics: Taking a Train in Jakarta

On the roof


It's a terrifying sight to think that it would be shaken off by a sharp curve

Is it really okay to leave as it is ...

Gap at the connecting part

It's not a rush hour commute

Where the boarding rate is worrisome

On the roof

Feeling that it is installed as much as possible

Can't fit

I think I need to do something a little more ...

Where you are trying to get in through the window

If you look closely, this vehicle has a handrail on the outer wall ...

No window glass

A state that can be shaken off at any time

Really full of people

Is it overloaded and the price is the same for both outsiders and insiders ...

There is nothing anymore

It seems like a rush hour for commuting

The door is not closed

Can he really hold on to the '3' or stick to it ...

Full of people

Too many people

Some people can't ride

It's daunting to think that I repeat this every day ...

In addition, it seems that many trains used in Japan are used for trains operating in Jakarta, so the following page is detailed.

Japanese trains working in Jakarta: Ha-Best-Travel, Everyday and Me-: So-net Blog

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