To the development of "Next-Generation Memory" with a writing speed of approximately 10,000 times, the power consumption at standby is almost zeroed

It was revealed that the development of "next generation memory" that realizes approximately 10,000 times the writing speed of the conventional NAND type flash memory will be started.

Not only will it become possible to write data at a rate that can not be compared with what we have until now, as well as the power consumption during standby will be almost zero, we expect big success in smartphones and other mobile devices can do.

Details are as below.
Elpida, Sharp and the University of Tokyo and next generation memory development - MSN Sankei News

According to the report by Sankei Shimbun, it seems clear that Elpida Memory, Sharp, University of Tokyo and others collaborate on nonvolatile 'next generation memory' which can significantly shorten writing time.

Development is started because the data is rewritten by voltage, a small amount of current is required, and the resistance change type memory whose power consumption is small "ReRAM"It is said that information can be written at about 10,000 times faster than the NAND type flash memory used for mobile information terminals and the like.

If it is put into practical use, not only can you download full high definition movies in a few seconds on mobile phones, it is said that the power consumption during standby will be almost zero.

In the future, development begins in the form of combining Elpida's memory processing technology with research on material technology and manufacturing method of "ReRAM" which Sharp has been promoting, and industrial technology research institute of Independent Administrative Institution and semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer participate. It is said that we will start mass production in 2013 and aim for commercialization.

Since "ReRAM" has a relatively simple structure, its cell area is small, it is possible to realize high density, and multi-value conversion is also easy. Therefore, in addition to a high data transfer rate, It has great merit of being able to expect low cost, large capacity etc etc.

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