IPhone 4 launched in China as well, 20 thousand in advance reservations, 1,000 rows in stores

It seems that the release of iPhone 4 began in China from 25th September. China is the largest market in the world with the largest population in the world, it is the biggest market in business, and it seems that the campaign was expanded with considerable effort on the first day of sales.

When I started selling iPhone 3G last November, it seems that the analyst was "disappointing" that was disappointing, but this time seems to have started smoothly as it is.

Picture of the shop front state from the following.
A state of the Apple Store in Beijing, China on September 25.

YouTube - Apple's iPhone 4 goes on sale in China

The customers who enter the store while high touching the store clerk.

IPhone 4 is on display inside the store.

Were people who already had bags and had left the store before making reservations in advance?

It seems that 1,000 people made a queue in front of the shop.

As for iPhone 4, the 32GB model was 5999 yuan (905 dollars, about 75 thousand yen), the 16 GB model was 4999 yuan, because the iPhone 3 GS sold the 32 g model last year's iPhone 3 GS at 1033 dollars (about 88,000 yen) (754 dollars, about 62,000 yen) has been set. Moreover, it seems that a communication contract is not attached.

Massive crowds greet iPhone 4 in China - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

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