Whether to lose a life in a traffic accident depends very much on the arrival time of the ambulance

In Spain, it took an average of 25 minutes from the occurrence of a traffic accident to the scene of the accident until the arrival of the ambulance, but if that time was shortened by 10 minutes, life was saved by a third of death accidents Survey results are got out that it should be. This is the result of analyzing 1463 traffic accidents including highway and general road.

Interesting data such as the difference between the elapsed time since the accident occurrence and the death rate on the general road and the expressway are also given out.

Details are as below.Ten minutes can prevent one-third of road deaths

Autonomous University of MadridDr. Rocío Sánchez-Mangas et al.Accident Analysis & PreventionIn the research published in the magazine, we analyzed 1463 traffic accidents that occurred on the Spanish road, based on the data of the Spanish Transportation Administration.

Dr. Sánchez-Mangas et al. Estimated the probability of the death of the victim in accordance with the time required from the occurrence of the accident to arrival at the site of the emergency room and the characteristics of the person accidentally injured and the accident itself. The result seems to indicate that mortality rate would drop by one third if amending time factor until ambulance arrival at site was reduced from 25 minutes to 15 minutes by 10 minutes. This means that it can be said on either a highway or an ordinary road.

In addition, it seems that there is a difference in the relationship between the time required to arrive at the emergency room and the death rate depending on the type of road where the accident occurred.On general roads, the death rate will rise substantially in proportion to the passage of time between 25 minutes and 30 minutesThere was a strong correlation, and this correlation was seen even on the expressway,In the case of the expressway, the death rate (mortality rate) in a few minutes immediately after the accident is also relatively high, so the graph obtained by dividing the mortality rate by the elapsed time since the accident draws a U-shaped curveThat's right.

In Spain, traffic accidents are decreasing in recent years due to effects such as infrastructure improvement and media campaign, introduction of point system to licensing system, etc. Law revision, etc. There seems to be a downward trend, but traffic death accident still remains a serious public health problem Dr. Sánchez-Mangas et al. Expressed concern that "emergency response that may be a decisive factor to reduce the number of deaths is disregarded".

In addition, the arrival time of the emergency service team in Japan (the time since receipt of the report, including not only traffic accidents but all emergency exits)Average of 7.7 minutes in 2008Although it seems that very quick emergency work is done compared with Spain, even thisIt is 1.7 minutes longer than the average 6.0 minutes in 1998, Even when you call an ambulance for reasons such as "there are no transportation methods" or "where to go to a hospital is unknown" despite the fact that the symptoms are slight,Case of using an ambulance regularly instead of a taxiIf there is a further delay trend for the future, it is concerned that response to people who truly need urgent will be delayed and the life-saving rate will be affected.

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