Kira Melon Bear here in Yubari who boasts ridiculous kimo cute appeared in the prize

"The 48th Amusement Machine Show"Prize fair in, as the character of Yubari is steadily increasing the name recognitionMelon BearThere appeared.

Prizes are premiums such as UFO catchers, and various characters ranging from mascot to Moe are displayed, but melon bear is clearly releasing a different aura in the ginkgo It was.

Details are as below.New character of Yubari now! Mellon Bear! Please note similar products!

In the corner of the Taito booth of the prize fair, the character apparently feels the atmosphere different from others. This is "Melon Bear" which continues to make leap to become Yubari specialty.

In Yubari, a bear having a hibernation dawn may eat a melon of a farmer, and it triggered itHokkaido Distribution Center Yubari storeInvented a character and selling goods this time Taito became a prize, ... seems to be ....

It seems that a bear that coalesced with melon is caught salmon in the river. And salmon is penetrating through the body .... There was too much information volume and it froze in front of the booth for a moment.

This is a melon bear that was prized this time. Although the promotion movie in the picture above is surreal, this is a design that pretty is like it falls within the range of so-called "Kimo cute".

The reason why such a way of saying is because the original melon bear is like this figure. If the melon bear of the prize is a teddy bear, this is the same power as the signboard of "bear husband attention". Kimo It is not cute or raw-friendly one.

Melon bear also for the staff 's T - shirt. Because of the T - shirt, everyone seemed strangely fun.

Melon Bear also on the cover of the brochure. However, it seems to be a different form from what I have seen so far ......

If I thought, I encountered the pamphlet of the pictures of the Lord. It is a costume of melon bear. The melon bear of KIMEKIME strangely looks good in style, the coat is real or ... ... it makes me feel more complicated as you see it.

There is a break in the back of the head, like something like Melon Ice. Similarly, the original Melon Bear mascot has a cut in his head, so that it can be attached to anywhere with a magnet ...... It is a gimmick who is wondering why it is so worrisome.

However, if you have been looking at it for a while it seems to be pretty cute ... maybe. Maybe.

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