Xbox 360 version of "FINAL FANTASY XIII (FF 13)" will be launched in Japan, with Easy mode

It was released for PS3 last December 17,He recorded high salesSquare Enix's popular RPG "Final Fantasy 13"Xbox 360 version was decided to be released for domestic use.

In March this year PS3 and Xbox 360 was released for overseas as multi titles,Shipped over 5 million units worldwideAlthough it is the same, Easy mode etc. are added, and domestic Xbox 360 users will also be able to play.

Details are as below.
Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010 Live Report -

According to Enterbrain's report, it is said that domestic release of Xbox 360 version "Final Fantasy XIII" was decided in "Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010" which Microsoft went today.

The Xbox 360 version "Final Fantasy XIII" is a concept of "low-priced version of high-quality products", it is said to appear as a new product of Square Enix 's "Ultimate Hits" series that offers game software released in the past at a low price The release date is December 16 and the price is 4980 yen.

In addition to reviewing the balance of the whole battle in the same work, new "Easy mode" is installed. In the booklet attached as the first purchase benefit, the visual art collection, the undisclosed scene and its script, and the novels written after the ending are recorded. The disk configuration is 3 DVDs.

The Square Enix news release page is below. As of September 8th 15:30, information is not posted.

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2010/09/08 19:54 Addendum

The official website has been released.


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