A device server that allows you to enjoy terrestrial digital broadcasting on any computer at home

As of the end of August 2010The cumulative sales volume of terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible equipment reaches about 82.65 million unitsAlthough the spread of terrestrial digital broadcasting to home has advanced recently, purchasing a second-generation terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible television and the like has a monetary aspect and many hurdles are high Is not it the current situation at home?

A device server that will allow you to enjoy terrestrial digital broadcasting on any computer at home has become available that will make it possible to break such a situation. Since desktop computers and laptop computers in each room change quickly to terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible television, it seems to be convenient.

Details are as below.
Device server that shares various USB devices with network | Press release

According to this release, Buffalo is going to release a device server for USB 2.0 "LDV - 2 UH" in early October. The manufacturer suggested retail price is 7400 yen.

"LDV - 2 UH" is a device server that allows you to connect USB devices through a network via a network that allows you to share a variety of USB devices, such as a USB - type external HDD and terrestrial digital - tuner, at home computers.

This is "LDV - 2 UH". Buffalo made digital terrestrial tuner "DT-H33 / U2"DT - H 10 / U 2"DT - F 100 / U 2In addition,Supports connection of various devices. In order to use each device, it is necessary for the personal computer to meet the operation specifications.

Body side.


There are two USB 2.0 terminals on the front.

LAN terminal and power terminal on the back. It's simple making it.

The connection image looks something like this. A mechanism that allows you to access USB devices from multiple computers via a router or the like. Although it is possible to share the terrestrial digital broadcast tuner via the wireless LAN, depending on the radio wave environment, it is recommended to connect with a wired LAN because it causes situations such as frame dropping and can not be watched. Also note that it is an exclusive specification that can not be accessed simultaneously from multiple PCs.

The product information page of "LDV - 2 UH" is from the following.

USB device device server for USB 2.0 that can be enjoyed by connecting the digital terrestrial broadcast via the network LDV - 2 UH: LDV - 2 UH | BUFFALO Buffalo

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