Old railroads that became like oil paintings with a taste in HDR shooting

Technology that can shoot as if the actual scenery became a miniature, recently the function is installed by default in certain models of digital camerasHDR (High Dynamic Range) SynthesisIt is a picture of taking an old railroad using.

It is as thoughtfully fascinated by deep colors and paintings like paintings. Coupled with the form of the old railroad, it has a taste like a signboard of an old movie.

Details are as below.
Colorful HDR Images of Old Trains

1: A Union Pacific rail coal car


2: Steam locomotive of UK · Bluebell Railway

BySteffen M. Boelaars

3: Train rusting at the graveyard of a train and trying to decay


4: Steam locomotive which is stopping at the graveyard of the train


5: Diesel to Delson

ByMichel Filion

6: Black & White Photo of Guilford MEC 343 Engine

ByLawrence Whittemore

7: Old diesel car in the Esbjerg bay


8: locomotive of Denver & amp; Rio Grande Western made in 1902


9: Train of Royal Hudson Canadian Pacific

ByLuc Deveault

10: Locomotives made in 1922 made by Batignolles-Chatillon


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