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When we say the fire department, we see only square buildings of two stories or three stories where fire trucks are stopped on the first floor, but there seems to be a fire department like a museum or a station building overseas.

Such a cool fire department pictures are from the following.
7 of the coolest fire stations on earth << deputydog

◆ Part 1: Vitra Fire Station
Fire station in the town of Weil am Rhein in Germany.Zaha hadidIt was completed in 1993 by design, but now it seems to be a place where the chair of Vitra company famous as furniture maker is displayed.

By mightymightymatzeCreative Commons

I can not believe that I was using it as a fire department.

By the goatisbad

Chairs are on display.

By Simon Wu

It's almost like an art museum, but is it like a fire department when you put a fire engine?

◆ Part 2: Cologne Fire Division
Fire department headquarters in Cologne, Germany. 9.11 It is operating from 2005, to build one with fire station and fire school installed due to the terrorist attacks. Design isBfm architekten.


There is school attitude.

It seems that moving is troublesome.

It looks like a bird's nest.

A wide hall.

It is made to insert light well.

◆ Part 3: fenix street fire station
Finix street fire department in Mexico City.At 103It has been used since 2006 and it has a job placement center and a public space as well as a fire department.

By | \\ |) | =

The red light is reminiscent of a flame.

By | \\ |) | =

A big stairway.

By | \\ |) | =

Looks like a box.

◆ Part 4: hill street fire station
The fire department, which was built over $ 64,000 in 1908, is the oldest existing fire department in Singapore. It has been restored clean in recent years, and it is still used in active service.

By jefyeowt

Fire station at night. It is lighted up, it looks like an old station building.

By FredrikN

Part 5: Berlin Fire Station
The German Berlin Fire Department said in 2002Sauerbruch huttonIt is designed and received the award of the Royal Architecture Association of the UK in 2004. The building has red and green parts, the red part is the fire department, the green part is the police station.

By einki

This is a fire department.

By timukun

And this is the police station.

By einki

Partly mixed.

By Ronan Mc Cann

◆ Part 6: Segundo Piso Parque de Bombas
Fire station in Puerto Rico made in 1882. Until 1990 it was used by the active duty, but it seems that it is now a firefighting museum.


Fire engine being exhibited.

By LatinoAtlanta

Various equipment is placed.

By Sony-PR

It is lighted up at night.

By gt4_freak

In 1950, it was still active.

By lulubryan

◆ Part 7: houten fire station
Fire department in the Netherlands. Made in 2000, illustrations are drawn inside by local children.

It's like a huge vinyl house.

◆ Omake:Erottajan Fire Station
Fire department in Helsinki, Finland, made in 1891. It seems to be able to be used as a parliament or a government building somewhere.

By riverandroad

An emerging tower.

By Liisa's Postcard Collection

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