At the moment unpublished, the latest model of the Sony Walkman "S series" appears

Sony has announced the new type of walkman "NWZ-E350 series" that combines sound quality, performance, and low price in August, but this time it will be unpublished at this time "S series"The latest model of the company has appeared.

Details are as below.
The Walkman Blog: Mysterious new Walkman at IFA?

New Sony S-Series Walkman "NWZ-S754" Spotted At IFA 2010 |

A Sony booth at the "IFA 2010" exhibition in the consumer electronics industry held in Berlin, Germany. Walkman series is exhibited for a long time.

Walkman of a model which I have never seen before is displayed ...?

It was "NWZ - S 754" which is the latest model of the S series. Although it seems to be different from the product version to the last, two colors of black and silver are developed, the capacity is 8 GB.

This is White.

black. It can also be used in horizontal screen mode.

I do not know when the product version actually will be announced, but AppleIt announced the latest model of the iPod series in the early September 2 of Japan timeConsidering that, it may be announced before it is too far.

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