An exhibition of slicing the brain and arranging it in a squirrel type

It is impossible for me to know where and what I mistakenly missed the road, but it was exhibited that we sliced ​​the brains and arranged them in the form of a skull beside it.

Although it is not so gloomy to say it, because it is expected that a useless person is useless,Please browse below from here on your own risk.

Details are as below.
[BONUS] Braaaaiins!

[BONUS] 379. Mutter's Skull of Brains

This exhibition was held in Philadelphia "Mitter MuseumIn the museum called I declared "Skull-A-Day" on June 4, 2007, which keeps making daily skimp art one day a day for 365 daysNoah ScalinMr. Masayuki continued to make vermiculite art for one year as declared, and it was decided to publish the book as it is by the edge, and he continued making endless art until endlessly. It is an exhibition that I created this bonus art as slicing this brain and arranging it in a type of squirrel.

In preparation

So, what completed this by side by side

There is also a movie.

YouTube - Skull Made of Brain Slices

After the exhibition, this is a movie that turned in a reverse direction.

YouTube - Brain Skull Deconstruction in Reverse

This is an interview movie.

YouTube - Interview with Noah Scalin

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