95% is a dry powdery dry water although it is water

A substance called "Dry Water" which is dry and powdered with powdery sugar-like appearance becomes dry as a new means to absorb and store carbon dioxide, and it may be a savior to counter global warming Hmm.

As its name suggests, "Dry water" is a dry powder in spite of the fact that most of the ingredients (95%) are water, so in addition to the countermeasure against global warming, various kinds made by chemical reactions Chemists are expecting to revolutionize various fields such as manufacturing of industrial products and transportation and storage of dangerous goods.

Details are as below.Dry water could make a big splash commally

The 240thAmerican Chemical SocietyDr. Ben Carter, who reported on "Dry Water", said, "There is no other such thing like this, and hopefully Dry Water will revolutionize in various fields in the future."

"Dry water" is 95% water, one powder of powder, water dropsModified silica(A component of the sand of the sea). Usually, when water droplets and water droplets come in contact with each other, they break down the surface tension and connect each other, the larger water droplets join together further, become a large connected water, and have the property of "liquid" as we imagine In "Dry water", the coating of silica prevents water droplets from touching each other, sticking together, becoming "liquid". This powdery "water" of fine particles adsorbed various gases and reacted with waterHydrateYou can create.

The discovery of "Dry Water" traced back to 1968, and at that time it was expected to be used in the cosmetic industry, and it was attracting attention. After that in 2006 UK ·Hull UniversityIt was reaffirmed by chemists studying its structure,University of LiverpoolProfessors Andrew Cooper et al. Have explored the possibilities of use in various fields. Dr. Carter mentioned above is a researcher who studies "dry water" under Professor Cooper.

One of the newly suggested uses is to use dry water to store gases such as carbon dioxide. At the laboratory level, dry water has been found to be able to absorb three times the volume of carbon dioxide in the same time compared to simply mixing water and silica. Professor Cooper and others suggest that this property can be used for global warming countermeasures.

Also, dry watermethaneProfessor Cooper and colleagues showed us that they can also be used for storage. Methane isNatural gasIt is expected that it will be used as a safe and convenient storage method for natural gas vehicles fuel as well as using dry water for mining and transporting natural gas. Dr. Carter supplements "We need further research to reach practical use."

Besides that,Succinic acidHydrogen gas andMaleic acidIt can also be used as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction rate. In the production of succinic acid, which is a raw material for foods, chemicals and various industrial products, we normally react hydrogen and maleic acid by stirring, but by including maleic acid in the particles of dry water, hydrogen I know that you can speed up the reaction with. "By being able to react without stirring, we can expect a considerable energy saving effect," Dr. Carter says.

In addition, liquid storage, in particularEmulsionIt is said that dry water technology can be applied to the storage of soybean paste (emulsion of two or more liquids not normally mixed such as water and oil like mayonnaise). Professor Cooper and others have already succeeded in making the emulsion dry like a dry water and are expected to be put to practical use as a safer and easier transportation and storage method of liquid dangerous goods.

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