Discovered in a small frog, Borneo, like a small bean

In MalaysiaBorneoThen, a new species of frog, which grows only to the size of bean grain, was discovered and it was said that it was named "Microhyla nepenthicola".

This frog is the smallest as a frog found in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Details are as below.Frog the size of a pea discovered in Borneo - Telegraph

Classification journal "ZootaxaAccording to this new species frog is an adult male and its body length is 10.6 - 12.8 mm. Name "MicrohylaIsHayashida genus, "Nepenthicola" grows on the islandUboppoldIt is based on nepenthes.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak(Indonesil Das of Department of Biodiversity and Environmental Studies, University of Sarawak, Malaysia)Biozentrum Grindel und Zoologiscches MuseumA research team led by Mr. Alexander Haas of the University of Hamburg Zoological Museum (Municipal Zoological University of Hamburg), thanks to an unfriendly distinctive cry beginning around sunset,SarawakIn the Kuba National Park of Kuba National Park, we discovered this frog at the side of the road leading to the summit of Gunung Serapi mountain, and hoped to jump on the white cloth piece, it seems to have succeeded in capturing.

"Until now scientists thought that this frog was thought to be a child of a frog of another species, but it turned out that this is actually a new kind of adult," Indraneil Das I am talking.

The world's smallest frog known now is found in Mount Iberia in southern Cuba in 1996Eleutherodactylus iberia(Male adult is 9.8 mm in length, female with body length 10.5 mm, minimum in the northern hemisphere) or live in BrazilBrachycephalus didactylus(Male adults are 9.8 mm in length and smallest in the southern hemisphere).

In addition,Introduction also at GIGAZINEFrog that was discovered in India in 2007 and was said to be the world's smallest "Nyctibatrachus minimus"Is the result of the survey that the body length is 12.3 mm (sample number 15) on average after male adult.

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