Similar conclusions Reveal the conclusion about whether the couple originally resembles or gradually resembles

"Similar thingsAlthough there is a word saying that there are many families and cousins ​​similar to each other as a rule of thumb, even if they live together for many years, do they really look like personalities and preferences, or similar from myself from the beginning I wonder if there are many people who have wondered whether there are many people marrying someone.

Michigan State UniversityConducted research and clarified the answer to this long-standing question.

Details are as below.Spouses do not grow more alike, study finds | MSU News | Michigan State University

Personality and Individual DifferencesIn a study by Mikhila Humbad et al. Who is enrolled in a doctoral course in clinical psychology at Michigan State University, published in a magazine,Minnesota Center for Twin and Family ResearchWe analyzed data of 1296 couple from data of. This is the largest survey so far in the same study which examined the similarity of the couple's personality traits.

"Research has revealed that similarities are high for couples compared to other people compared to other people so far, even though couple and gentlemen affect each other in the first place It is also conceivable that people with similar character are married together and the marriage is considered.The purpose of our research was to get clues to settle this longstanding discussion, "Humbad says.

The couple of 1296 pairs, the average length of married life is 19.8 years, the range of the shortest 2 years to the longest 39 years, these couplesMultidimensional Personality QuestionnaireBased on the data obtained by answering to the 198 question version of the questionnaire (widely used questionnaire for multidimensionality character evaluation), "positive emotion (easy to feel positive emotions such as achievement feeling and happiness)" , Married about personality traits such as "negative emotion (easy feeling of emotions such as alienation and hostility)", "constraints (traditionalism, careful planning, tendency to avoid danger, etc.)" We analyzed whether the similarity between married couple increases as the time period becomes longer.

As a result, the couple does not have similar characteristics as the marriage period gets longer,"A similar couple" had chosen a person whose character was similar at the stage of getting marriedWe concluded that we could explain by doing that.

However, among various personality traits, only "aggression" is an exception, and as long as the marriage period is longer it is said that it will resemble. About this point, Mr. Humbad says, "This is a convincing story when you think about it. If one of the couple is angry and aggressive, the spouse responds to it in the same way with anger, It will become aggressive to you, "explains.

Humbad pointed out that many vendors are already trying to match men and women on the basis of "whether their character is similar or not" in the remarkable growth of marriage brokerage, but this research result is for marriage brokers It is likely to be valuable data.

Also, "Making a marriage similar to yourself increases the likelihood of telling your child the same characteristics," Humbad says. If you think so, children of "similar things and parents" may think they are similar to both of their parents, even though they think that they resemble their mothers or fathers, but actually their parents are similar. not.

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